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I NEED MORE ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL AU!!! i want to know about clubs and that stuff

  • Debate 

Prowl, Bumblebee, Kaon, Chromedome, Mirage, Perceptor, Brainstorm Sdieswipe (who is only on the team as punishment, but it turns out he’s pretty good at it) are on the debate team. Chromedome eventually quits because of Prowl, and Brainstorm is only there because of Perceptor. Mirage isn’t that smart even though he brags about how great he is at debating, and Prowl hates them all. Minimus leads the club, but appointed Prowl as team captain. 

  • Chess

Perceptor, Brainstorm, Prowl, Skids, Getaway, Cyclonus and a reluctant Tailgate are apart of Chess club. (Minimus later makes Rodimus attend because of punishment)

  • Screenwriting

Thundercracker created a screenwriting club, but so far only he and Buster have joined.

  • Poetry

Thundercracker, Riptide, Nautica, Sideswipe (again as punishment), Sunstreaker (he can’t leave Sideswipe alone), Misfire (also Punishment), Skywarp Fulcrum, Kaon, Vos and Bumblebee are apart of his poetry club. Optimus and Tarn occasionally drop by to listen in, which Megatron hates. (Megatron also makes students who aren’t good at English to attend. Not to be malicious, just to help them get better.)

  • Languages

A club created by Optimus (who makes Megtron come along and teach with him) to help students with their English because English is their second, or in some cases, third language.

Fulcrum, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Roddy, Rewind, Frenzy and Drift are all in it.

  • AV Club

Rewind, Blaster, Fulcrum, Reflector, and Jazz with Soundwave as the clubs teacher.

  • Robotics Club

Brainstorm, Perceptor, Tarantulas, and Wheeljack is in charge of it.

  • Track team

Blurr, Fastline, Knockout, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Skywarp, Drift, Bluestreak and Rodimus.

  • Drama Club

Bluestreak, Thundercracker, Swerve, Tailgate and a reluctant Cyclonus.

  • Sunstreaker made an art club but he disbanded it because he hates Firestar. 

Since I’ve got time today, I did my best to get a better close up of Prowl’s pic and then grabbed Smokey’s for comparison. There’s no getting anything worthwhile of Bluestreak, unfortunately, so we just have to go with the knowledge that he and Prowl are the same with a recolor between them.

Anyway, there’s a few small differences I can see between Prowl and Smokey, but it’s nothing huge. Just less flashy in spots and, perhaps, a bit heavier plating, which–personality-wise–makes sense.

But, yeah, them Praxians are pretty dang chesty any way you look at it. Maybe not as much as the initial “holy crap, Prowl!” thinking, but… yeah. XD

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High school au Prowl, Jazz, Smokescreen, and Bluestreak? I loved the last one btw!

Thank you!! <3


A fucking dick

Used to date Chromedome

They had a nasty break up though

Now he is 100 percent jealous of Rewind 

Has like no friends

Until some of the football team start to stalk him.


Probably uses some underhanded ways to get some of his good grades

He really just needs a friend

But don’t talk to him in class he’ll get mad

Worse than Minimus about school rules

‘No running in the halls!’

“Excuse me where IS YOUR HALL PASS”

“Get back here miscreant” 

Would probably escort misbehaving students to teachers

Horrible at Gym

Has gotten hit in the face many times

On purpose or on accident he’ll never know

Wears ties and dresses all formal

Probably has been since birth

Monotone, meanish kinda voice

Does his hair like Captain America

Acts like him too


You’d think he’s not the kind of guy to get detentions but flipping desks during class does that to you


Too young to gamble but does anyway

Online gambles at lunch on his phone

and during class

Probably has a fake ID

Makes bets with people all the time

Wins every single fucking time

Like make a bet about anything with this dude at your own risk

Makes hella money from it anyway

Has too much energy

Idolizes his history teacher (Optimus)

Trying to save for a car so he doesn’t have to catch the bus to school

An ace at chance and probability in maths

Good at blending in with the crowd despite his bright dyed blue steak in his hair

Wears a lot of white but somehow doesn’t get anything on it during his entire day at school

Skips classes sometimes

Usually English

Is a fan of race cars and stuff like that

Even likes the movie Cars

Used to be in an on and off relationship with Sideswipe

Late to class a lot

Carries his backpack by only one strap oh damn


Teachers avoid picking on him in class to read out loud because he just nyooms through the whole thing

On the football team but the only thing he can do well is kick the ball straight through the goal posts

Most of his friends just have no idea what he’s saying cause he’s talking so fast

Gets in trouble a lot for talking during class

Makes bad puns a lot

Terrified of going to English class

Loves history though

A bit jittery

Talks to Rung a lot

Doesn’t really like Rodimus, and gets annoyed when they have the same classes

Really big, wide brown eyes

Forgets the code to his locker a lot

Sometimes gets picked on for talking so fast

It’s a terrible school and they have Sentinel as a principal so nothing is done about stuff like bullying

Always has chocolate in his backpack