My Top Five G1 Bots Reacting to Bot S/O: Kissing their Nose

Mirage: He was outside because it was his day to be on lookout, when you came up to him he gladly offered you a seat beside him and wrapped an arm around you. After silently enjoying each other’s company for a bit, he starts talking about Cybertron and how he misses his luscious lifestyle he once had before the war. When he gets all sappy about how he wants a big house and four car garage after the war, you lean in and kiss his nose. He goes quiet and his cheeks flush before he disappears and runs off, he comes back after a couple minutes and cuddles you and peppers you face in kisses

Hound: Be warned, Hound is extremely cuddly and a huge romantic sap. He took you on a nature hike and was showing you all the birds and creatures. Then he showed you the sunset while gushing about the beauty of Earth, you then blocked his view and had him focus on you, he smiles and leans in for the kiss, but you dodge and kissed his nose instead. He laughs as he wraps you in a hug and kisses your nose

Bluestreak: Its your special way of shutting him up when he gets too chatty, which is often. Honestly, any kind of affection makes him fluster. So one day he was yapping about something completely random, you were honestly zoning out and just had enough. So you cupped his face which automatically shut him up, then you leaned in and kissed his nose. His doorwings flapped as he told you, “okay, I’m shutting up now”

Sideswipe: He’s a rowdy mech who likes pranking his comrades and pulling off extreme stunts, but when you come around he is fine just lounging around and talking about life. To be honest, despite the goofy exterior and childish behavior, he actually is very romantic. So when you kissed his nose after he came back from a mission, he melted. He went from a cocky smirk to a loving smile in .02 seconds, “awe, I love you and your nose too,” prepare for cuddles and all the hugs in the universe

Wheeljack: When you approached him, he was busy constructing some new dangerous weapon and he advised you to stay back. Once he was sure it won’t blow up, he puts it aside and goes over to you to see what’s up. When you put your arms around him, he goes all mushy and starts nuzzling and snuggling you. Because he has his faceplate, it’s hard to get his nose, but he knows what you’re aiming for because he’s not an idiot. “Thank you, love, I’m afraid I can’t return the favor but…” he boops your nose instead

@rizobact Glad you liked the Jazzbirb, it’s been fun coming back to that AU and drawing stuff, even if they are just sketches xD

And yes Jazz will perch. Everywhere. He’s probably perched on Bluestreak’s shoulders half the time, complaining dramatically that he’s getting too old to walk on his own (he’s just lazy).

Poor Blue is probably delegated to cookie jar from shelf duty forever.