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Should I start writing imagines and stuff for kpop groups/rappers/solo artists? Request please 🦄 😃💚

Block B Reaction to -

Them hearing you sing for the first time


Block b and bigbang reaction please:) when they hear you singing for the first time (like you’re cooking and they come home early and you never mentioned that you like to and can sing)

Big Bang Version {Here}


When he heard you hit the high note in ‘Whistle’ by BLACKPINK, he’d grab his chest dramatically. He’d wait for you to finish the whole song before saying something. 

“Baby! Where did you get those vocals!?” ignore my boyie jaehyo


He’d walk into you singing karaoke by yourself. You were singing to Taeyeon’s ‘Gemini’. After hearing how good you were he’d be really surprised. 

“Since when do you sing this good babe?”


He had awoken to you singing ‘Apple Pie’ by Fiestar while making breakfast. He quietly chuckled and went to sit at the table and waited for food. He wouldn’t say anything because he wanted you to keep singing.

“How come you haven’t told me you could sing.”


The boy wold try to stay quiet when he heard you singing ‘Nice Day’. He began to smile, widely, when he heard you sing his part. Not being able to keep himself from you, he burst into the living room and pull yo into a tight embrace.

“Who knew my jagi could sing so well!”


He would instantly stop walking when he heard you singing. You were singing 'It Was Love’ by Zico so he was really surprised. When he heard how beautiful you were singing he couldn’t help but say something. 

“We have to do a duet babe! You’re so good!”


You were driving and ‘Walkin’ in the Rain’ began to play. You tried to keep your voice to a quiet hum, so he wouldn’t notice. However he started to sing along with you. He would turn up the music just so you would sing louder.

“Ah, how are you so talented jagi?”


You were just dancing around your apartment, cleaning everything, and decided to play your music. When ‘I Feel Good’ by EXID started playing, you got real lit. In the middle of the chorus he came into the room laughing.

“This song is so old jagiya, get with the times.”

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no but i don’t think yall understand just how happy and relieved i am that Zico is in a relationship. Seriously it’s so gratifying to see that someone who has been described as a workaholic, by himself and others, is experiencing a (hopefully healthy and happy) relationship. Guuuuuys he has someone he can talk to about his problems, someone that can help him through stressful times, and take his mind off things.

He can be a young man named Woo Jiho and not Block B’s Zico, and that’s beautiful