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Burger King Japan’s Black Burgers Are Back!

Last Friday, Burger King Japan introduced two new versions their super successful “black burgers”!

For those of you who may not have heard of them before, BKJ constructs these burgers using black buns, black cheese and a black sauce…

The buns and cheese get their color from charcoal, while the black “hashed sauce” is made by braising onions, tomatoes and mushrooms in red wine, then adding squid ink.

The first new burger on their menu is the Kuro Shogun, or “Black Shogun”…

The Shogun is a flame-broiled burger (or “flame-grilled” in Japan) topped with fried eggplant, hashed sauce, black cheese and dried garlic.

Then there’s the simpler Kuro Taisho, or “Black Boss”…

The Taisho is a flame-grilled patty topped with a BK hash brown, hashed sauce, black cheese and dried garlic.

The Shogun runs about eight dollars, while the Taisho will set you back around seven bucks.

Available for a limited time only in all Burger Kings across Japan.

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Doing It With Style 🎵 (W/ BK.)

Amar não é só beijar e abraçar. É saber parar uma briga porque sabe que não vale a pena. É saber que nem sempre estará tudo bem. E acima de tudo saber que um te amo fortalece a relação, mesmo depois de brigar. Pelo simples fato de não desistirem mesmo passando por momentos difíceis.
—  Charles Bukowski.