So Top and his chaebol kush buddy both got probation for weed. In Top’s case should he violate his 2yr probation he will be sentenced to 10 months in prison.

So for the fake feminists out there let’s get this straight: A repeat offender (it’s her third offense) got probation because her family is LOADED. A DEALER (yes, she not only smokes that kush she distributes it as well) got probation because her family is LOADED.

There was no sexism here. There was no BIG3 privilege here. This was 100% chaebol privilege. This was her rich ass family using every connection they have to get their brat a lighter sentence. This is the most unfair ruling for a repeat offender I have ever read in my life. So no, Top doesn’t deserve your criticism. Top doesn’t deserve jail over your beloved drug dealer. Take your shit and go.