Happy selfie night bellarke fam! I miss Bellamy Blake a lot & can’t wait for hiatus to be over!

I had an eventful weekend!

First pic: me seeing my crazy hair after a birthday dance party for a friend

Second pic: coming back from a wonderful wedding of two precious friends where there was also a lot of dancing lol

I can’t wait to see all your faces!

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Guess who’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Got a new tattoo: “She persisted.” right on my middle finger. A reminder to myself that I’ve always kept going before when things were rough and a warning to those ass-hat anons I’ve been getting lately: I’m not easily cowed. Quit trying. Also, a handy piss off to everyone who said we weren’t getting a Season 5. 

Plus….my eyebrows look amazing here…so that’s a plus. 


Happy selfie night bellarke fam! We just have to survive 7 MORE DAYS S E V E N I’m SOOO ready 😭🙌🏻

So I forgot it was selfie night( this hiatus has been toooooooo lonnnng)

So here have a random selfie I took lying on my couch 😂 and throwback to a few weeks ago when I thought huh my eyes look good in this light 👀👀👀 lol

I can’t wait to go through & see all your lovely beautiful faces

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ready for death???

this season has been crazy and I wouldn’t have made it out sane if it wasn’t for these babes @dale-bozzio @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 @captdameron @cvssivnandcr @aarya @aleclightgay @ginalou16 @bellbearblake @bellarkestrut @bellarketm @forgivenessishardforus @adancergirl @iam-dollparts love yall  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


Happy BFSN!!!

I don’t know how we are gonna make it 21 more days without new bellarke content fam lol yet here we are! Let’s make it a fun 3 weeks!

Here’s some pics from this past Saturday! The weather was beautiful & I was so inspired I took a few selfies! So here’s outdoor Gina & indoor Gina Hahahaha

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I’m 100% not ready for the epic cliffhanger that I know is coming, someone please knock me unconscious and wake me up when the next ep is on✌🏻

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Interview with Yuta Sakakibara

One of my absolute FAVORITE artists on Tumblr is Yuta Sakakibara, known as the creator of Barf Farm Cult.  I have been following Yuta since I first came on tumblr, and I’ve been in love ever since.  I asked if I’d be able to ask him a few questions for this blog, and he was sweet enough to say yes!  Sorry in advance if my questions aren’t all that interesting–I’m still getting the hang of this.

Thanks again @shoppingcartfullofpinkturd for letting me ask you questions!

When did you first start your blog/barf farm cult?

☆ i started my blog 6~7 years ago, i just posted some random shit with japanese sentences . i don’t remember when it became barf farm cult, and i don’t remember when clitori spears came in my mind but i think that was when barf farm cult started.

Were you ever nervous about what others would think of your art?

☆ yes. i was so nervous when i got a lot of hate massage. i’m weak ass bastard so i can’t think “ i don’t care what people think” but i can’t stop doing my thing, eww i want to be strong.

What made you think of Clitori Spears?

☆ i don’t remember. she was one of the characters. but she got her own name and personality and became the leading role of barf farm cult. i still don’t know why. she is me but she is not me mmm i can’t explain my feeling for her.

Do you plan on making any other human characters for your art?

☆ no . i hate human race.

What inspires you?

☆ music!! 80s san francisco punk rock inspires me mostly. fang, fuck ups, flipper, bad posture,tales of terror,  i love their “hahaha fuck you all” attitude. and i love eminem!! his album “relapse” is my favorite thing in this world. evil but funny, aww i listen to it every day, it makes me want to draw!! and the relationships between me and the people inspire me. i’m the full time loser.

Do any of the animals in your work have names?

☆ no!! because there are too many animals in barf farm♡

Do you ever experiment with different styles?

☆ yes but i failed, i thought “eww this is not me eww eww eww!!”

Would you ever collab with another artist?

☆ i don’t know how to collab with another artist but i want to try it.

Lastly, do you have a special name for your fans? (Ex: how lady Gaga calls her fans little monsters)

☆ no, they already have their own beautiful name, i want to call their name when i talk to them♡


Yuta is a super super super sweet creature and to anyone who hasn’t taken a look at his artwork, do it!  It’s vulgar and beautiful.


I know I’ve uploaded these before but I look absolutely terrible today, and I’m pretty sure I deleted them when I redid my blog. Anyway, have two pics of me in Rome a million years ago (WHY DID I EVER DO THAT TO MY EYEBROWS), including one where I was trying to sneak some nutella during our tour and my friend Brittney decided that it needed to be photographed. 


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anonymous asked:


🐱 - Pets ?

A fat cat.

👑 - Piercings ?

Just my ears.

🎉 - Favorite Holiday ?

Answered, but I will add that I’m mildly concerned that St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday next year, and Qrow is already planning it….

🤳 - Last Selfie ?

I take so few. So I went back months and here’s a photo from the ren faire we attended some time ago. I’m the blond.


This week I went to Bulgaria, it was pretty awesome, saw some super old shit and some pretty buildings, learned some new things, went to a bunch of really cool bars/nightclubs including one in an old apartment where the kitchen was the bar, kissed some Belgians and bruised my ass.

Just yesterday I was lying down in the back seat of this old bus somewhere between Plovdiv and Sofia while my best friends slept with their heads on each others shoulders, and I really thought about how genuinely happy and lucky I am to be living the kind of life I am. The fact that I’m 10,500 miles from home and constantly seeing new places, meeting new people and having fun is really crazy and I really need to stop taking it for granted.

ANYWAY I’m gonna go take a preshow nap so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for the Blarke reunion. I don’t have any dumb jokes to make this week so instead I’m just gonna tag the BFC

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