IchiHime- Rain
Rain by Breaking Benjamin I'm back to uploading AMVs.

An IchiHime AMV that I made in January 2016. I had to private this video because my YT account had 2 strikes around May 2016. However my strikes are gone. Since they are gone, I’m putting this video in public.

The song is sung by my favorite rock band, Breaking Benjamin. I usually hear Breaking Benjamin for the hard pumping action in which fits Bleach’s fights.

However this beautiful song, this beautiful song. It really hit me in which I had to put it into an IchiHime AMV. It really fits Ichigo and Orihime both. And I said to myself that Breaking Benjamin isn’t always hard pumping. They can have beautiful songs like this and Ashes of Eden.

Thank you Kubo/Pierrot for Ichigo and Orihime, thank you Breaking Benjamin for being my favorite rock band in the world.

here’s an idea. victor should choke himself with the same beads he threw at zakiyah and meech