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Someone please give GD some rest, he's at a press right after his concert that boy's going to fall right on his face if he doesnt rest


This is why when he was quoted saying MADE might come out “before the end of the year” rather than by the end of the month, everyone was so very happy about it

30 Day Gemsona Challenge

9. Cracked Gem: Uh oh! Their gem’s got a crack in it!

Well, there was a story behind it and I will change few things but detail remains nevertheless~ BB isn’t in pain but she is scared and shocked from what happened to her, to the point there she forces herself to “poof” away and retreat into a gem… which probably isn’t the best idea because who will protect her gem from an enemy then??

Luckily, Tourmaline was there~ I’ll get to that story some day.

Steve stans are so annoying and hypocritical. They tell us that “it’s not that deep” because we’re infuriated over Jackie being evicted unfairly and not even getting a chance,but get this, if Steve got evicted, every single last one of you will be writing FUCKING 20 PAGE NOVELS of why he shouldn’t have been evicted and dripping your ugly tears all over the damn tag with black and white, and flower crown edits. Shut the fuck up. Stop worshiping this man child. And love yourself.