Most neurotypicals make it a lot harder to function. Sorry…

I was arrested for a DUI last night because my anxiety from being pulled over was so extreme I had a hard time speaking and I couldn’t stop shaking. I had a silent break down in the police station while they received blood and urine samples from me. I hadn’t been on anything… Not even my Dexedrine. I was not driving poorly either. I think it was just at the hour I was driving (3 am). I don’t think the police understand how much the Inattentive ADHD or my anxiety impaired my ability to function around them or hear what was asked of me. Luckily, I didn’t have to spend the night in jail (which I was also losing quietly losing my shit over), but I had to pay $130 this morning to pick up my towed car…

It seems like a majority of people make it a lot harder to function, even more so when you’re trying to get better. I can’t even take my medication and be allowed to function like a normal human being. And albeit I was sober at the time… The dextroamphetamine, my medication, stays in my blood for 48 hours. I’m so worried they will charge me because of it, even though I had taken it a little more than the 24 hours range before I was cuffed.
Even if I don’t get charged (which would be great), the idea of going out stresses me out a ton. I think I’m just going to be a hermit for a little while.

Also, I’d like to know, Has anyone else been in some really absurd and stress inducing situation just because of their ADHD and other coexisting problems?

Of course I can’t think of any stories right now, but I’m sure I’ve been in ridiculous situations due to my ADHD before.

Please let us know if they charged you for taking your meds.


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silexia asked:

Is bigbang quitting again after made era?

They won’t be quitting. They’ve never quit and never will. They took a hiatus as a group for solo activities between Alive and MADE but they all visited each other, performed with each other as guests in solo concerts. I made a post a while back explaining why bigbang won’t dissolve as a group. You can read it if you want but really, it all boils down to the fact they love each other and love making music together. They said they’ll be on stage until they get too old to look cool on it. Knowing them, it won’t be for at least another ten years, at the very soonest. At the moment we’ll have amazing subunits to listen to. :)