Theory Time!

So everyone knows what The Beast looks like when he becomes human again.

But a lot of confusion comes because of what the enchantress said in the curse

And Lumiere’s words in ‘Be Our Guest’

So then the Beast must have been transformed 10 years before 21, or at 11 years old, right?


What about the portrait that the Beast rips in frustration?

And the stained glass representation of his encounter with the enchantress?

He clearly looks the same age as when he become a human once more.

So here’s what I think is really going on here.

The Beast was cursed while he was a young man. He was frozen in time, as was everyone else in the castle, during the curse. That is why he looks about the same age when he is restored to his human state. The curse lasted for 21 years. 

As for the “10 years” part, I have two ideas about that.

The first is that the Beast used to try to be nice and keep his spirits up about his current situation. But after about 10 years, he became tired and annoyed by his predicament and let his castle and its enchanted occupants fall into disarray.

The second is that there was another girl before Belle who tried to break the curse. She came to the castle 10 years ago, cleaned it up, and tried to help the Beast. But she ultimately failed. So its been 10 years since the objects/people had someone to take care of and to take care of them.


“Now it’s no wonder that her name means beauty...”

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