“Your sisters did all of this, didn’t they?” LeFou asked quietly.
- “They did,” Stanley confirmed.
“Honestly? I love your sisters,” LeFou said, cuddling his head under Stanley’s chin.
- “We have something in common then,” Stanley chuckled, wrapping his arms around LeFou.

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A China Rose: Chapter 10

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Summary: Y/N was once an employee at Prince Adams castle along with being his childhood friend but she doesn’t remember. Caught up in the curse, she ends up in Villeneuve where she stands out. But circumstances arrive and she somehow returns to the place she once called home, and a beast she once thought a friend.
A multi-chapter fanfiction. MASTERLIST

Author’s Note: Okay, Beast now has much more input in the story. Most chapters from now on will most likely be told from your and his views of the situation from now on. YAY! I love this chapter, it has a nice quick pace. Hope you all enjoy and as usual, tags, requests and questions are OPEN! Enjoy :)

Chapter 10: An Animal’s Protection
You approached tentatively, despite being in no control of your body. You just seemed to want to take in the beauty of the rose. It was mystifying, the way it pulled you towards it. It floated above the plinth it sat on without dipping once or even moving. You were fascinated how it didn’t touch anything, how it was almost suspended in time and you half expected it to fall down onto the plinth, the invisible string holding it up faltering. Realising that it would never fall, your steps quickened before you stood right in front of the jar it was kept under. You hadn’t noticed the jar until this point. It was a shame as it was exquisitely carved. There were leaf motifs etched into it, making it look like ice was slowly forming on the glass. The glass looked so fragile, like it could burst into small dust shards at the slightest touch. You bent down to make your eyes level with it before you slowly reached your china hand upwards to gently caress the jar. You placed your fingertip on it softly, fearing that it would crack under the pressure. When it didn’t, you lifted your other hand to reach for the side so you could lift it off the rose. You wanted to know what would happen if you touched the mysterious flower. Although you wanted to, he most certainly didn’t and before you could begin lifting the jar, a loud roar echoed throughout the room and he appeared from amongst the shadows.
He had been watching you for far longer than being in the west wing. Each day he would check the mirror to ensure that you were still in the castle. He was always surprised to see that you were. He knew you’d escape; he could tell from the argument you had with him on the first night that you wouldn’t be kept here for long. He remembered when he did his usual check to ensure you were still here every hour, he was shocked to see you looking like a ghoul from dust. He didn’t question it, he could see what room you were in and he knew that it was one of the messiest rooms in the castle bar the West wing. He was even more shocked to see you with Chip an hour later playing in a dimly lit hallway. He didn’t recognise this corridor so he presumed it was one of the servant’s corridors. He didn’t worry himself with the staff, not since his mother died. He expected that the next time he checked the mirror you would be at dinner, which he knew the staff thought was a secret. Oh, how wrong they were. However, he didn’t need to check the mirror because in that time the doors to his chambers opened. He was expecting Mrs Potts to once again lecture him on how he needed to try to talk to you, (something he most certainly didn’t want to do, for both fear and hatred), but he was surprised to see you slowly enter through the doorway. He dived into the shadows of the trees on the balcony. He watched you, curiously forgetting that his staff had told you this was off limits. He looked at your face and was puzzled even further. You didn’t look aware, you looked dazed as if in a trance and the dust and cobwebs made it look as if you had risen from the dead. He almost chuckled at how comical it was. You had stopped briefly in the centre of the room, as if you suddenly realised where you were as your glazed look suddenly became focused before returning to its glossy nature. As you approached he took in your appearance. He couldn’t deny that you were beautiful, he had noticed that when you laid unconscious in the cell on your first night. In fact, he had to admit you looked familiar. Why, he was unsure. You were a simple peasant and he had never wasted his time on them. They were his money and nothing more. It nagged him constantly as to why you were familiar to him and it wasn’t just in looks, your personality was also hauntingly familiar. It sent a shudder down his spine. Your clothes were filthy, that was the second thing he noticed. His nose wrinkled at it all.
By the time he’d finished inspecting you, you had reached the plinth and was stretched out you hand carefully, to touch the jar of the cursed rose. He should have been concerned by your actions but he was far more focused on your hand. He took a large gulp and had to stop himself from shivering. Your hand was china. What were you? Were you just another way for the enchantress to punish him. He would have started to piece the clues together but his trance was broken by your sudden movement. You were beginning to lift the jar. You were going to doom him to eternal damnation. Before you could do any damage to his rose, he roared in anger before emerging from the shadows.
You were snapped out of your trance by the sudden noise. You recoiled your hands immediately and jumped backwards when you saw the Beast towering over you and the rose. He possessively stepped in front of the rose, his paw wrapped around it. Before you could utter a word he was bending over you roaring at the top of his lungs.
“What are you doing?”
“I-I I was…” You stuttered as fear spread throughout your body.
“What were you going to do to it?” He bellowed as he approached you further. You backed up slowly, your legs trembling.
“N-n-nothing.” You spluttered out as your fear took away your ability to speak.
“DO YOU REALISE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE?” You whimpered in pure terror at his yells. “GET OUT!” He yelled and you didn’t hesitate to obey. You turned and ran as fast as you possibly could away from him. The corridors blurred together as you ran, no longer caring about your promise. You needed, no you had to leave. That Beast made your life feel threatened and no matter how much you liked the staff, you just couldn’t live with that monster. You bounded down the stairs, not caring about your belongings in your room, not even thinking about your precious toolbox or beloved books. You ignored all the staff as they tried to ask you what was wrong. You distantly heard Y/F/N speak to you.
“Where are you going?”
“I’m leaving. Whether this is my punishment or not, I can’t be here with that thing a moment longer.” You screamed as you gestured up to the West wing. You grabbed your cloak from Chapeau who was once again guarding the door. You tugged the cloak hard, disorientating him for a few moments which you used to your advantage. You barrelled into the doors which burst open at your push. You hastily scampered down the steps, wrapping your cloak around you tightly as you went to fetch Phillipe from his pen, all whilst ignoring the staff’s desperate pleas for you to stay.
You reached Phillipe in mere moments and you didn’t bother to saddle him. You leapt onto his back and kicked into his side. He was eager to leave and you both burst forwards heading for the gates. You charged them down and ran through the forest at lightning speed, the castle’s light growing more distant and faint with each gallop. You were so set on escaping the castle that you didn’t hear or register the wolves that were chasing you until the emerged in front of you from amongst the trees.
He had regretted screaming at you as soon as you left the room. He knew that you were his last, only chance at the curse being broken and he had ruined it. He let out his anger at himself by smashing several of the already damaged furniture into the walls and floor. He didn’t stop until he heard a whine from outside. He skulked over to the balcony to see you sprinting away on your horse.
“Good riddance.” He spat, “Meddling little….” His tirade was cut short by his doors bursting open. Mrs Potts, Lumière, Cogsworth, Plumette and Y/F/N came marching in and Cogsworth was the one who let loose. First at least.
“What on earth did you do?” He scolded.
“Me?!” He roared. “She came here! It is forbidden.”
“That doesn’t give you the reason to scare her so much that she felt scared for her life.” Plumette reasoned.
“She disobeyed the instructions. Her punishment was fitting.” He said back.
“Master she is out there in the woods all alone.” Lumière responded.
“Why should I care about that? She was stupid enough to venture out there. That is not my doing!” He spat back.
“It is your doing that she went there in the first place. There are wolves, master.” Mrs Potts words resonated throughout the room. “If she is harmed it would be your fault.”
The Beast was silent at her remark. He simply walked over to the table which held his mirror.  
“Show me the girl!” He commanded. Instantly it showed you on Phillipe and the Beast quickly showed the staff. “See, she is fine! Now leave me be!” He was about to turn before he heard Plumette let out a small yelp.
“Wolves!” She whispered.
“We have to help her!” Y/F/N practically screamed. “Master, you have to help her!” The Beast didn’t want to listen.
“Why should I?” He yelled.
“Because I refuse to let my daughter die because of you!” Y/F/N screamed right back.
The Beast froze in his spot. You, were Y/N. His closest friend before he messed everything up. It hit him like a tonne of bricks. It was so obvious now why you were so familiar. You hadn’t changed at all. Then he remembered your hand. Apparently you hadn’t escaped the curse. You had suffered, most probably, and it was his fault. Before he even realised it, he was bounding down the stairs towards the door, determined not to lose the friend he had already lost twice before. The staff were left behind, shocked and scared about what was about to occur.
You let out a loud scream when you saw the first wolf. As more came, you panicked and dug your heel deep into Phillipe forcing him to move faster for both of your sakes. You had successfully managed to evade them so far, but they were faster than you and were gaining fast. At one point, a wolf had leapt up at you and you had somehow managed to kick it away. You glanced back to see two wolves practically nipping at Phillipe’s tail. You tried to urge him forward but you ended up being thrown off of Phillipe when you skidded over a large piece of black ice. You were thrown down hard onto the ground, leaving you winded and with a rather large gash on your lower leg, where it got caught on one of the many thorny bushes by where you had landed. You looked up to see Phillipe trapped by his mane in one of the tree branches. You pushed yourself up to try and help him free himself when you heard a loud snarl from behind you. You turned to see at least ten wolves surrounding you and your horse. You quickly grabbed a fallen branch that was by your feet as you tried desperately to free Phillipe. Before you could a wolf lunged and Phillipe managed to kick it away with his hind legs. Another one attacked almost immediately after and it was you this time that struck back by hitting it round the face with the branch. It yelped in pain as it flew backwards but you weren’t focused on it as a large grey wolf had lunged for your stick and you were now wrestling with it for the sticks possession. It won and within seconds, the branch was ripped from your hands. You could see a white wolf run up and you covered your face, preparing for teeth to tear into your flesh.
That never came because before the wolf reached you a large much bigger animal lunged from atop the rocks hidden behind the trees. You turned away, in pure shock that an animal had just rescued you. You turned and began untangling Phillipe’s mane from the tree but you found yourself distracted. You turned back, whilst your fingers were working away at the mane, to see the large animal fighting the pack of wolves by itself. To protect you. What had you done to earn this animals protection you weren’t sure but you just prayed that it would win the battle it was fighting before you. You heard every grunt, every screamed of pain, every roar in anger. Three wolves at one point had been atop him. Soon it was just the alpha wolf and the animal alone as the rest of the wolves had fled. The alpha lunged at you and the animal threw the wolf back against the rocks. The wolf was about to retaliate but the animal before you let out an almighty roar and the wolf whimpered before retreating back into the depths of the forest. You could see blood slowly turning the pure white snow a deep crimson. You were unsure whose it was.
You stood frozen as the animal turned to face you and you gasped to realise that the Beast was staring back at you. Well, he was looking in your direction but his eyes were glassy. He let out a small grunt as if he were wishing to tell you something but before he could he flopped to the ground curled into a small ball. He was clearly unconscious and you noticed that the snow around him was becoming darker with blood. You turned towards Phillipe your mind desperate to avoid the Beast. You wanted nothing more than to forget all about the thing that was a monster, both inside and out. You tried desperately to climb onto Phillipe but your body refused. You, you couldn’t leave him here. He’d die. He’d just saved your life, you could just leave him to die in return.
Although your mind told you to hate this creature that laid in the snow, you couldn’t help but feel pity for him. Reluctantly you slowly approached the Beast’s unconscious body. You sighed. What were you doing? You hated the Beast that was before you, yet you just couldn’t escape him. With the conflicting thoughts spinning around in your head you slowly dragged Phillipe over the Beast whilst you tried to figure out a way to get you both back to the castle unharmed, for this time you were certain there would be no one to help you.
Back in the village, Agathe smiled, knowing that her story was playing out just as she intended.

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Winter turns to spring
Famine turns to feast
Nature points the way
Nothing left to say
Beauty and the Beast. 


Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast has topped the billion dollar mark worldwide, grossing a magical total of $1,000,039,193 in the box office in its fourth week. It’s the 29th movie to ever cross this mark.