[TRANS] 160926-29 “B1A4 Attic” posts


02:29 CNU: Baro says he’ll sleep over tonight. Might not have to turn the lights off when I sleep tonight [99]

09:03 CNU: BANA I hope you have a lively day today! Go go! [99]


01:46 JY: Why isn’t this guy replying….. [99]

01:50 JY: ???????? [99]

JY: Lee Sandeul
JY: Release all your songs to me~~!!
SD: kekeke Listen to them on the 4th~~^^

01:50 JY: ….???????? [99]

01:52 JY: …..?????? [99]

01:56 JY: The 1 won’t disappear..,…… maybe he’s asleep ㅜ ㅜ (T/N: The 1 Means Sandeul hasn’t read the message yet)

02:01 JY: He’s really not reading it, what should I do..? [100]

JY: …..????????
JY: Excuse me..

Source: Fancafe
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
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5 years with B1A4 ❤
When I first heard “Road” I didn’t think too much of it. It sounded like a sweet song between childhood friends. But when I heard it again at the end of The Class concert, I almost teared up. It sounded like a song from B1A4 to BANA, from the time of their small debut to now. I still remember watching them in WM’s tiny practice rooms and in Match Up and how happy they’ve made me from then till now. I hope we’ve given B1A4 just as much back. I wish you guys the best in years to come, and I hope we’ll always be able to meet back at the same road (-: