Imagine debuting with your company’s debt hanging over your shoulders. Hearing from multiple critics that you’ll be overshadowed in less than a year by your competitors. Being unsure of your future and whether this will all be worth it in the end. Your work hard; attending multiple concerts and fansigns and variety shows. You work on and improve your music, your acting, your dancing, your variety skills, your stage presence, your singing. And you get to the point where the debt is not only paid off, but your company is able to recruit trainees and get a new building. And now, your hard work is about to aid yet another(!) act in following their dreams.

I’m honestly so proud of B1A4 and all they’ve accomplished.

What’s with these rappers where their voices don’t fit their personalities? Like voice so low it causes earthquakes. Face so bright it replaces the sun. They’re like cupcake warriors. Much low but so squish.

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That is all. Feel free to add your favorite low rapping angel cupcakes.