baroganatanatda: Good morning Taiwan☀️ It’s been a long time since we met! 2years and a half ago, I can’t forget the day! So today, I’ll make a good piece of memory in Taiwan with you again!! 🎇 Before the concert, just in case you tired eat a lot of foods✌️I’ll eat some soft tofu rightnow!! Have a good lunch ~~ See u tonight😎😎 2년반만에 대만에 공연하러 왔어요!! 그때 그 기억이 잊혀지지 않을만큼 너무 즐거웠었는데 오늘 그때보다 더 좋은추억 만들고 갈게요!! 공연오기전에 다들 밥 든든히먹구 날씨좀 쌀쌀하니까 옷 잘챙겨입어요! 저는 순두부 먹을거에요🙈 다들 오늘 저녁에 만나요!!! Yeah~ Let’s get lit tonight🔥 #b1a4 #baro #2017livespace #taiwan #lit

What’s with these rappers where their voices don’t fit their personalities? Like voice so low it causes earthquakes. Face so bright it replaces the sun. They’re like cupcake warriors. Much low but so squish.

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That is all. Feel free to add your favorite low rapping angel cupcakes.

thestarmagazine: #B1A4 화보의 비하인드컷😆 #그냥막찍어도화보 #심쿵주의 #세젤멋💓 #글레드라이브 #컬러에비뉴 #더스타 #1,2월호

#B1A4 photoshoot behind cut😆 #alwaysaphotoshootwiththem #heartracingwarning #world’smostawesome 💓 #gladlive #colouravenue #thestar #jan,febedition

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