[NEWS] Tracklist for ‘Sweet Girl’ revealed - members contributed in composing/songwriting for entire album

On the 29th, B1A4 revealed an image of their 6th mini album SWEET GIRL’s full tracklist through their official fancafe and SNS.

Prior to this was the release of their individual teaser images with red lighting full of a strong lethal beauty, as well as a group image of them walking through the grass that had a more soft and pure boyish vibe. The teasers contained a 180-degree twist of their charms and it has been stated that this would be a ‘top quality concept’, which has raised fans’ expectations regarding the album. 

The title track ‘SWEET GIRL’ is about a man who has fallen for someone, and chases them as if he is dreaming and confesses his love through a sweet love serenade. It is a track that unleashes B1A4′s fresh emotions. Highlighting the combination of real band live and orchestration, it will be a funk-rhythm track displaying B1A4′s charming vocals in a dramatic fashion.

B1A4′s 6th mini album SWEET GIRL will consist of a total of five tracks, and with the overall theme of ‘one summer night dream’, it will show the strong musical mentality of these boys, who have made great improvements as artists. Over the years B1A4 has greatly widened their spectrum as artists by producing and composing entire albums. And of course, in addition to Jinyoung, Shinwoo and Baro have also participated in the making of this album, allowing it to be packed entirely with the members’ compositions. 

And specially, this album will have a total of three concepts with BOY, FLOWER, and BUTTERFLY. They are all different stories that will flow as one, and the album will contain the hidden charms of the B1A4 members. It will be seen as a special gift for fans who have waited one year and one month for B1A4. 

Meanwhile, B1A4′s 6th mini album will be released on August 10th. 

Source: Asia Today 
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