• *Genos fighting metal bat in the middle of a street*
  • Metal Bat: stand still, ya fuck!
  • Bang: *appears on the sidewalk* need some help, Metal Bat?
  • Bat: I've got it, old man!
  • Genos: *freezes and stares wide eyed at Bang*WAIT!
  • *everyone pauses*
  • Metal Bat: ???
  • Bang: ???
  • Genos: *hurries over to Bang and carefully takes his hand, walking him across the street*
  • Bang: What are you doing?
  • Genos: I stole a girl scout's cookies and badges last week and Master says I can keep them of I earn them. All I have left is helping the elderly badge and I get all of the thin mints
  • Bang: ....Son, I will smack your head clean off
  • Genos: can it Mister Miyagi, I want those cookies
  • Metal Bat: *trying not to laugh*