I managed to bring myself to watch the end of 'The Reckoning'.

Peter acts just the way I thought he would with the sobbing and the completely gutted face and people ask him how he is and he realises there aren’t words to describe how he is because he’s just lost the woman he loves and he had just given up everything for her and the she DIED and broke EVERYONE’S HEARTS and I will NEVER EVER EVER RECOVER FROM THIS.

Yup, still straight in the feelings.

Still crying.

I am re-watching Ballykissangel, and am up to Season 3.

I’m up to the bit where he leans across the counter and says I love you and then the lights flicker and then she goes down to the cellar and I am giving myself a stern talking to about actually finishing the episode.

Yup, it’s working. No, really.

Yeah, that’s not happening tonight…