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Cuddles and Snuggles

One month! It had been a whole month since you last saw your boyfriend Choi Junhong aka Zelo. He had even busy promoting B.A.P’s new album that he hardy had time for one phone call.

You were at home watching tv, it was just another boring Saturday without your boyfriend. You were too lazy up do anything so you just ordered take out and decided to go to bed soon after.

You washed up, changed into one of Zelo shirts and crawled into bed. You loved wearing his clothes, they were loose and long and comfy and they smelt like him.

“Ah~ I miss you Junhong-ah” you said to yourself as you slowly dosed off.

After about an hour or two later you thought you heard the front door open. You were so tired though that you didn’t even have the energy to sit up. You heard the bedroom door open as feet shuffled across the floor.

Junhong’s side of the bed sunk as you felt someone’s arms wrap themselves around your waist. You felt your back hit his chest as he nuzzled his face into your neck.

“Junhong-ah?” You asked

“Hmm?” Junhong hummed

“How come you’re home?” You asked

“My manager sent me home” Junhong said in a sleepy voice.

You turned around to face him as you lay in his arms. You caressed his cheek as you gently kissed his lips. You slowly pulled away and saw Junhong smiling as he drew circles on your back.

After sharing some small pillow talk you both fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning you woke up to Junhong. You thought that last night was a dream but you were happy that it wasn’t.

You gently pecked him on the lips before sitting up in bed. It’s was already noon and you were really hungry. You stood up and stretched your body when you suddenly felt Junhong’s arms around you.

He rest his head on your back as you rubbed his arms. You turned around to face him as you cupped his face. His chin rest on your stomach as he looked up at you and smiled.

“Morning” Junhong said in a husky voice.

“Morning? More like afternoon” you said as you let out a giggle.

“Where are you going?” Junhong asked

“I was going to make breakfast” you said

“Come back to bed” Junhong said as he rubbed your back.

“But I’m not sleepy” you said

“I never said we were gonna sleep” Junhong said as he smirked at you before pulling you into a kiss.

His arms were wrapped around your waist as your hands cupped his face. Junhong pulled you onto the bed and was now hovering above you.

He smiled at you before reattaching his lips to yours. His tongue slid across your lips as you parted them. His tongue explored your every corner of your mouth. It had been so long, he missed the taste your mouth.

His hands roamed your body as he tugged on the hem of your shirt signaling that it had to come off. He yanked it off and threw it on the floor leaving you bare chested.

You covered your chest feeling a tad bit embarrassed since it had been so long. Junhong smiled at you as he kissed you head, then your nose, then your cheek and then your lips.

“You’re still as beautiful as ever” Junhong said against your lips.

Junhong removed your hands from chest and placed them next to your head. He intertwined his fingers with yours as his lips trailed down to your neck. He bit and sucked on your skin leaving quite a few love bites.

His lips reached your chest and his tongue teased your nipples. You arched your back at the sensation as a moan left your mouth. Once he was done with your nipples Junhong sat up and took his shirt off.

He pulled his underwear off and it fell to the floor revealing his already hard member. You blushed at the sight causing Junhong to smile. He grabbed onto the hem of your underwear and asked:

“May I?”

You nodded as he yanked them off and threw them into the pile of clothes. Junhong kissed his way down your stomach as he reached your wet entrance.

He kissed your inner thighs as his mouth grew closer to where you needed him the most. Your fingers were tangled up in his hair as his tongue worked magic on you.

Your moans grew louder as his tongue licked deeper tasting every bit of you. Once he was done Junhong sat up and wiped his mouth before crashing his lips into yours.

Junhong positioned himself around your entrance as he pulled away from the kiss and looked at you.

“Are you ready?” Junhong asked

You nodded in response, his face was only inches away from yours. He pushed himself inside you as you dug your nails into his back. There was a sensation of and pleasure, but once you got used to him you whispered:


Junhong did as he was told and started to move. His each thrust making you moan louder and louder till you were a complete mess.

After a few more thrusts you both reached your climax as Junhong collapsed on top of you. He pulled himself out from you as he nuzzled his face up into your neck.

He left small kisses on your neck making you laugh. You ran your fingers through his hair as he drew circles on arm.

“I missed you y/n-yah” Junhong said

“I missed you too” you said

“I want to stay in bed all day and cuddle with you” Junhong said

“But what about food? I’m hungry” you said

“Fine we eat and then we cuddle” Junhong said as he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into a hug.

“Fine” you said

“I love you Jun-ah” you said as you hugged him back.

He pulled away from the hug as he looked at you. He tucked a few strands of hair behind your ear before he gently kissed your lips.

“I love you more” Junhong said

You spent the rest of the day snuggling and cuddling with Junhong as he followed you around the house like a lost puppy. But to be honest you wouldn’t have it any other way.