Ever heard of Ship and Let Ship?

It seems to be a common tumblr law, at least in my fandom, to stay within one’s lane when it comes to shipping. If you want to post a meta about why you support one ship and not another, that’s great. You tag properly, you put ‘anti-’ before the other ship name… some of us even go so far as to deconstruct ship names or change letters into their Greek alphabet form. 

Furthermore, you only peruse your ship’s tag or the anti tag for your opposing ship. If you go to the favorable tag for your NOTP, you do so with the understanding that reblogging or commenting is largely frowned upon. If you happen to find hate in your tag, that was deliberately put there, only then is acceptable to refute the argument with some sound logic of your own. 

And, as an upstanding human being, you do not outright attack other bloggers by sending hate, private messaging them, or creating a tab dedicated to “Repeat Offenders” (i.e. Bloggers who share an opinion different from you own and frequently post properly tagged meta) such as the image you see below: 

The fun of a fandom, of having an OTP and  NOTP, is analyzing and critiquing. The fun is in searching your tag, meeting other people, and generally enjoying what you ship. What makes things unenjoyable, is knowing that a bully is lurking in your tag, ready to “refute” any argument you make, and then block you to prevent any sort of rebuttal. It’s childish. It’s petty. It’s uncalled for. 

So how about this… how about we stay in our lane? How about we make meta and art and edits for our OTP? How about we leave others alone (i.e. ignore them) when we learn they do not share our views? How about we do not act as petty bullies and instead respect that not everyone sees things the same way? How about we ship and let ship?

That, my friends, is just decency.  

starscriptmage  asked:

Zutara and 8, please! Have a great day, I love your writing!!!

Fresh picked flowers || Not Accepting

“Coming, coming!” Katara called, hurriedly pulling her dress down over her head and tossing her loose hair over her shoulder. She padded across her apartment, brow furrowing as the polite knocking came again. With a huff she pulled the door open, but shrieked when it revealed Zuko smiling sheepishly at her in his royal robes, a fresh bunch of tiger lilies in his hand. “Zuko! Katara cried, immediately throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him into a deep kiss.

“K- Katara-” Zuko muttered, smiling as he tried to pull away from her, “You’re going to crush the flowers!”

Katara took a step back, glancing guiltily at the flowers which were indeed crushed. “I’m sorry,” she said, tucking a piece of Zuko’s long hair behind his ear, “I’m just happy to see you again.”

A pink flush came into Zuko’s cheeks for a moment. “Me too- I came right from the meeting.” He leaned in and softly met her lips again. Katara pulled away and looked up at him with a grin, but Zuko’s eyes wandered behind her and a frown pulled at his face as he looked into her apartment, where her dining room table sat empty.

“What?” Katara asked, untangling herself from the arm Zuko had around her waist to follow his gaze into her rooms.

“Did you get the flowers I sent you? I’m sure I gave the florist the right address….”

Katara chuckled, leading him into the room and closing the door. “The tiger lilies? Every day this week? Enough to fill my entire apartment?”

Zuko flashed a grin. “So you did get them?” Katara nodded, but a hurt look came into Zuko’s face. “Did you throw them out?”

“No!” Katara pursed her lips. “They were covering this whole room- it was ridiculous, really- and I had my neighbor, Jun, over for tea. She used to live across the hall with her husband, but he passed away last year.” Katara frowned. “Apparently he used to pick tiger lilies for her every day on the way back from the market. She seemed upset at first, but she said every time she sees these flowers she feels like he’s with her again.” Katara smiled as Zuko squeezed her hand. “It was so sweet, so… I gave her all of them.” She grabbed his other hand, raising her eyebrows imploringly. “I’m sorry I didn’t keep your gift, it’s just-”

A smile slowly spread over Zuko’s face. “That,” he said definitively, resting his forehead against Katara’s, “Was the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.” 

When Katara opened her door the next morning, she was greeted by a bouquet of familiar orange lilies. As she stooped to pick them up, another spot of orange caught her eye: sitting in front of Jun’s door was a vase of tiger lilies.


Shout out to all of the Zutara fans who also watched American Dragon - ever pick up on the fact that both Jake and Zuko are voiced by Dante Basco and that both Rose and Katara are voiced by Mae Whitman? I’ve often wondered if the fact that Rose and Jake ended up being a canon couple subconsciously caused me to ship Zuko and Katara because their voices fit together as a couple in Dragon.

But then I watch Zuko and Katara scenes in Avatar and remember that I ship them because they were fiery and interesting and full of friction and tbh I just never liked the idea of Katara with Aang so w/e. Guess I can just stick to pretending that Zuko and Katara had a fling at some point as grown ups and that they’re a silly old, arguing couple together in Korra because they’re the only original members of the Gaang left alive (I was super sad that old Zuko and Katara didn’t seem to have ANY scenes together in Korra).