Person A lives far north while person B lives somewhere very warm and they talk to each other with Skype. One winter, person B decides to visit person A to prove they can “survive” the cold. However, that night, person A’s heat goes out…

AU’s give me hope. Because you could put those two people in any situation, in any world, in any time, in any universe — and no matter what you did, no matter what happened, they’d still end up falling in love. And I think that’s beautiful.

Imagine Person A of your OTP is a world wide singer and popstar, performing all over the globe in many cities and countries and Person B of your OTP is one of their many back up dancers who is often paired up on stage to do the intimate dances and moves with Person A. Over time, Person A ends up developing a crush on Person B due to this and constantly attempts to woo them them in any ways they can, trying to use their fame to their advantage and impress Person B. Meanwhile Person B remains totally oblivious and sees nothing sexual or intimate about their dance routines with Person A and is completely unphased by their stardom or flirting attempts.

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Meet Sidney Crosby, a young hockey player who wants to share his love of hockey with the world. When his sister suggests he start a Youtube page, he starts out by rehashing his latest games, giving tips, and his opinions on hockey. He goes on to make weekly videos about his life, playing for Shattuck St. Mary’s and Rimouski, as well as his hopes and dreams about one day playing in the NHL.  At the WJC, he catches the eye of a young Evgeni Malkin, intrigued both by the boy’s smile and makeshift flip-flops, he does some research and stumbles across Sid’s video channel.  As Geno watches each one, he becomes more and more charmed by the enthusiastic Canadian boy.  When Sid gets drafted to the same NHL team as Evgeni, he finds himself on a plane to Pittsburgh, desperate to meet his new teammate.  

Maybe These Stars Are Our Prison Cells

or, maybe, they aren’t

Summary: Phil Lester is sitting on the curb instead of dancing at the party, with too many bad memories and a stranger who’s good at pretending he isn’t as confused as he is. based off this post

“It’s stupid. They’re all coming to meet people as if soulmates can be found amongst cigarette smoke and drugs. As if soulmates can be found at all.” 

warnings: some deep topics touched upon, but it’s all pretty mild. so, like, existential and depressing thoughts. mention of death and blood.

AN: i am worried about this, this could either be The Worst or One of The Best things i’ve written so. basically its hard to capture the essence of that amazing post and i know it might contradict itself but i think that’s the point (it’ll become clear once you’ve read it)


Phil wonders if the temperature of ten degrees will eventually make his fingers go a suffocated blue, if it will eventually make all feeling flee from his skin. He wonders, if he sits long enough on the pavement, feet tucked onto the road and hands clasped on his knees, if he’ll see sunlight scrape away the shadow.

He wonders if he should stop looking at the stars.

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I just wanted to let people know that there is a 2009/2015 fic on AO3 called 2009x2015 by catfeyrac ^_^


Dan wakes up to find himself back in 2009 without any explanation or solution. He doesn’t know how to get back, so he figures he should spend his time with Phil, like usual. What isn’t usual is the sudden lack in age gap and extreme flirtiness of his best friend.

Meanwhile, the Dan that comes from 2009 has to deal with this crush on this older, even hotter Phil.

But imagine Dean and Cas going skiing. Sam and Jess have a little cabin near Whistler and invite Dean and Castiel to ski for a long weekend. They arrive late at night after driving all day because they have to stop five million times for Cas to take pictures. Though the cottage is small, a cot is set up in the TV room and, after a hearty dinner of chilli and warm bread (and some serious catching up), both couples tumble into their respective beds.

Dean and Cas wake to the smell of bacon.

They all have an early breakfast before heading out early. They’re at the top of the mountain at eight o’clock in the morning and though Dean is itching to get started, Cas—ever the morning grump, is still nursing his second cup of coffee and insists on taking a couple of pictures.

They ski until lunch and then continue until the last chair.

After, all four head back to the cottage for beer and a soak in the small outdoor jacuzzi. Though Sam and Jess go in to shower first, Dean takes advantage of the alone time to straddle Cas’s lap. He tugs playfully on his boyfriend’s scruff: “my own sexy, strong mountain man,” before kissing him absolutely senseless. Cas blushes but returns the affection eagerly.

What they start in the jacuzzi, they finish in the shower.

Imagine Dean and Cas then going to dinner and talking about their favourite runs. Imagine them eating spaghetti and meat sauce and doing the dishes because Sam and Jess cooked. Imagine all four playing Scrabble or Pictionary or piling on the couch to watch a movie. Imagine them drinking cider.

And imagine them going to sleep, only to get up the next morning and do it all again.

  • Author: nicb0723
  • Warnings: not specified
  • Summary: Jensen is a discouraged divorce lawyer and unlucky with love. Jared is his new neighbor, a poor business student who is hard up on cash and also extremely handsome. When Jensen loans Jared the money to get out of debt, Jared thinks of a very unconventional way to pay Jensen back. This is a classic “fake” boyfriend story with a few fun twists.