I want Mai to be confirmed as Fire Lady. I want to see the wedding. I want Mai to complain about how the “traditional” hair for Fire Nation weddings is weird. I want Zuko to call Mai “my lady” relentlessly and Mai rolling her eyes. I want Mai to bag on entire affair while secretly enjoying it. I want Mai to tell Zuko that she’s going to kill him with her stilettoes if he calls her “my lady” one more time. I want Zuko to laugh. I want Sokka to see/hear that laugh and do a double take. I want the rest of the gaang to tell Sokka he was imagining things. I want Katara to ask Mai about how it feels to be married. I want Mai to say “you mean a normal marriage, or being married to that turtle-duck.” I want Mai and Zuko to be cute and happy. And I want it now.


FEB 2ND • Day 2: Sleep

apparently there is a zutara month going on and and since i miss zutara week like everyy year i thought i contribute something quick before i forget it again >u<

Nine years ago, on February 21, 2005, Nickelodeon premiered The Boy in The Iceberg and from this show, a family was born. Over the years, we have cried over leaves that fall from the vine and laughed over Melon Lords and have lived to see another Avatar born into the Water Tribe. I couldn’t think of a better family I would rather be a part of! Here’s to 9 more years of feels, everybody!

The Drawing of Lu Ten reads:

艾洛将軍  General Iroh

得勝再見 Good bye until the victory (or: see you after the victory)

忠心的兒子 Your faithful son

路騰  Lu Ten(g)

路- Lu means ‘road, street, journey’

騰 - Teng means ‘to soar, to fly’


At 150 years old, Guru Pathik is probably the oldest person in the Avatar world. He’s even older than King Bumi! Though not a bender, he is spiritually enlightened and has helped numerous benders (and animals) throughout the years attain their full potential and clear their pain and suffering. He does this by helping them clear their chakras, or pools of energy. He practices yoga and meditation every day, which is why he is so flexible and has lived for so long. He also has an excellent sense of humor, but if you try to joke around during meditation, he will quickly get you back on task.

When he was younger, Guru Pathik was a personal friend of the Airbenders and Monk Gyatso. Because Guru Pathik is connected to all the energy in the universe, he knew the Avatar had returned when Aang emerged from the iceberg in an explosion of cosmic energy.

BK: Many adult fans of the show have told us they really connected with this episode and took away a valuable spiritual lesson. It was educational for us as well, as we learned a lot about chakras in our research for the script. Guru Pathik designs and expressions by Jae Woo Kim and Seung Hyun Oh. Color by Hye Jung Kim.