So, my boyfriend and I are rewatching atla and he doesn’t know that I’m a huge avatar dork. He keeps betting me that things that didn’t happen in the show did and I’m just waiting to get to those episodes and cash in 😏

Debunking Måi’s Redemption

Ah yes… “I love Zuko more than I fear you.” The line every Maikø shipper clings to as Mai’s quasi-redemption arc. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve always assumed one had to change to be considered redeemed. Did Mai change? Did her goals and motivations change? Did her loyalties change? We know Zuko’s did… but Mai…. I’m not so sure.

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@ zutara fandom

if zuko and katara married, do you think zuko would give katara a ring or a water tribe necklace? or something else?

weddings rings seems too Western for the atla universe (although i could be wrong there)

i like the idea of zuko respecting water tribe customs with a necklace, but i personally can’t see katara replacing her mother’s necklace. not to mention the collar imagery :/

Any thoughts?

In lieu of the “repeat offenders” page debacle, I’ve decided to rebut in my own kind of way. I’ve created a page on my blog with a list of amazing people that you should definitely follow. It’s a good list, one that will make you smile instead of frown (or laugh). The list goes on and on and if I missed you and you want to be included, just message me! You can use the link below or get to it straight from my blog.


The page should look like this at the top, and then below that it should have the list of amazing people. I’ve even direct linked most of the blogs (it’s still a wip page so there aren’t very many people yet). Have fun, and make sure to follow all of the lovely people listed!

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Book 8: Dawn

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♢Earthbender!Reader x Earthbender!Kyungsoo/EXO

♢Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra AU

♢ An alternative universe where Avatar Korra dies early at the age of 20 and the new Avatar doesn’t surface for 12 years.

Chapter 1

Word count: 1,4K

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