Nine years ago, on February 21, 2005, Nickelodeon premiered The Boy in The Iceberg and from this show, a family was born. Over the years, we have cried over leaves that fall from the vine and laughed over Melon Lords and have lived to see another Avatar born into the Water Tribe. I couldn’t think of a better family I would rather be a part of! Here’s to 9 more years of feels, everybody!

I never received a letter from a magical school.
I wasn’t told on my 16th birthday that I was the only master of all four elements.
I never found someone alive in a block of ice.
There are no reaping for my name to be chosen from.
There is no factions to decide between.
My dad doesn’t go on “hunting” trips.
And I’ve never seen a mysterious blue box.
But I’ll be damned if I won’t be the hero of this story.

Since Toph was written to be the best Earthbender in the world, we wanted her fighting style to be unique. Sifu Kisu called on his friends, Sifu Manuel Rodrguez, who is a master of the rare Southern Praying Mantis style. During a consultation, Sifu Manny told us the origins of the style. To our surprise, legend has it that the style was started by a blind woman! Key animation by Myeong Ga Young.