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I don't suppose you could do a comparison of Azula and Zuko's bad first date skills? (Thinking of Chan and Jin, but there may be more)

Well, we see from “The Tales of Ba Sing Se,” and “The Beach” that Azula and Zuko are both very awkward when they’re out of their element: Zuko constantly fumbles and awkwardly tries to put words together when he’s with Jin, and Azula finds it really difficult to flirt as well with her attempts sounding more like subtle threats.

And actually, I remember having a conversation with someone that brought some really interesting insight about this (I think it was with @quentyl, but I’m unable to find what I’m looking for on my blog by just searching their url on my blog). Anyway, the basic idea was that a lot of their awkwardness came out of Azula and Zuko’s abuse at the hands of their father, and as a result they weren’t able to develop socially. 

Furthermore, Azula presents an interesting case because with her it’s not just a shy, what the fuck do I say sort of awkwardness like it is with Zuko. Her inability to properly communicate with her peers is a lot more aggressive and just bizarre compared to how people would usually react in this scenario. Just check out how she talks with Chan:

Azula: That’s a sharp outfit, Chan. Careful. You could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battleship, leaving thousands to drown at sea, because…it’s so sharp.

Azula: Your arms look so strong. Together, you and I will be the strongest couple in the entire world! We will dominate the Earth!

It’s just interesting how Zuko and Azula wee differently affected in this regard. My best guess is that this is also ties into what Ursa’s hallucination says in the finale about Azula always relying on fear. This is in contrast to Zuko who, aside from sucking at the manipulation game, never needed to use fear or manipulation. Sure, he tries multiple times in Book 1 but, as I have mentioned time and time again, cunning, manipulative, and intentionally mean have never been traits that apply to Zuko. 

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Least fav atla character?

definitely ursa (zuko and azula’s mother) 

  1. she never showed affection towards azula
  2. she was afraid of azula too (wth) 
  3. she told ozai that zuko wasn’t his child 
  4. then she up and decided to forget that her children existed (like she literally had a spirit wipe the memories of those two from her mind)

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avatarsymbolismtumblrcom/post/162071963112/a-list-of-zukos-decisions-up-to-book-3-also great post! but... where are zuko's book 3 decisions?

I excluded Book 3 since it’s mainly in Books 1 and 2 that we really see Zuko struggling with his choices. That’s not to say that he doesn’t struggle in Book 3 though, only that the push-pull factors that affect Zuko’s choices are greater there wjen he’s furthest away from what he wants: Ozai’s love..

That said, Book 3 takes Zuko’s anger, frustration, and struggle, and takes it in a slightly more different direction Here, despite restoring his title/honor/father’s love, Zuko is still feeling angry and conflicted, and he does not know why, and we see a lot of this anger in the decisions that Zuko makes. 

  • “The Awakening”
    • Zuko lies to Azula about Aang, and we see his conflict through his initial hesitation. 
  • “The Headband”
    • Zuko admits to Iroh that home isn;t what he thought it would be, which I just realized recalls what Iroh said all the way back in “The Storm” with his “Things will never be back to normal” line. The way we see Zuo behaving i these first few episodes is also very different from what Zuko thought returning home woukd be like because something seems really off, and he just has;t figured out what it is yet. 
    • Zuko sends Combustion Man after Aang, thinking that it will end his conflicted feelings. 
  • “The Beach”
    • Zuko gets jealous of a random guy who looks at Mai for literally two seconds, and ups and throws aforementioned random guy into a vase because he just happened to be talking with with his girlfriend. 
    • Zuko finally admits that he’s angry at his own decisions, although he hasn’t really pieced together everything just yet. 
  • “The Avatar and the Firelord”
    • Pretty self explanatory: Zuko learns about Roku and Sozin.
  • “Nightmares and Daydreams”
    • Zuko acts upset about not being invited to a war meeting, and again is trying to secure his father’s love (actually, now that I think of it, the fact that Zuko is resentful of his forced vacation could tie into his fear of losing Ozai’s love).
    • When he finally attends the meeting, everything finally fits into place, and Zuko makes his big decision.
  • “The Day of Black Sun”
    • Zuko confronts Ozai. 

(P.S., just a tip: apparently if you just include the post number it works just as well. You don’t have to, but you wanted to say more it’s a character saver, so it might be the better option if you have more things that need saying.)

One of my greatest frustration in ATLA/LOK narratives is that: the show very obviously featured antagonists as a problem that needed to be dealt with. after the conflict arc with the main cast ended, they either died or in prison. even if they are real, rounded, complex and believable, and there perhaps a potential for a good continuation or a story for them. but the writers either forget about them or find a later “use” for them. It’s just sad.

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In response to your Jet and Ozai comments. I'm curious, do you just dislike evil villains as characters? Or is there something else? Cause while those two are some of the most despicable I still enjoy them as characters, I'd list least favorite as boring or annoying characters myself, though Avatar has few.

Oh, not at all. While I enjoy Ozai as a villain, I mostly because he’s such an abusive douchebag, and the thing that makes me truly despise Jet is the fact that he was willing to lie to Katara so he could use her to commit murder. 

I love a good villains. I even like asshole villains like Zhao. Its just that you get a special spot on my shit list of you’re either abusive o r a very special brand of manipulative doucheba, from what I can tell.