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Okay so you typed archer as an esfp, i always thought he was entp? Can you explain?

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Archer is completely enveloped in the moment, in the way things are. He isn’t in search of potentials. He sees possibilities in the now. That is the Se/Ne difference. When Archer is bored of something it is because he fully experienced it and moved onto the next big thing. Ne often moves on before the idea is every realized. That isn’t Archer. He goes all in. Therefore, dominant Se.

Secondary Fi: His tastes are all by what he “feels” looks good to him, personally. He doesn’t consider the expectations of others in his fashion or life choices. He is very people focused, needing constant attention from everyone around him. Although he can seem selfish because he is looping, he does honestly care about the people close to them and will offer practical help, the practical is his Se. 

His inferior Ni makes him resistant to question other meanings and view points that he hasn’t experienced. It is why he doesn’t listen to anyone if he doesn’t already agree. People have often “told him so,” and he finds himself agreeing with them after he has made a mistake. In order to understand something he has to experience it (Se) which runs counter to the abstract thinking of Ni. He questions the intuition of others often, not trusting them. Archer grows defensive when they try to make him question his actions and his lifestyle. 

This is where his tertiary Te comes into play. Te directs an ESFP to consider the right priorities for himself and others. But skipping his Fi in a panic because he is uncomfortable with his inferior questioning his experiences, his Se goes right to Te. His Fi is what would give him personal responsibility to others. It would give him accountability for his Se actions. But in the grip of Ni, he uses Te defensively making whatever he is doing and feeling in the moment the top priority. It is why he can come off as selfish. For an Se dom, whatever is going on in the moment is the most important thing. He then needs others to be for him in those moments and when they aren’t he takes a huge offense from it.

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