Quick Sonamy sketch, I really like drawing these two, they just complete each other so perfectly ! Sonic likes to go fast and can’t stand up too long in the same place, he needs a girl as strong and dynamic as Amy to be at his level and to keep up with him.

Faking it/Girl Meets World.

I like to imagine that Riley and Maya from Girl Meets World are the younger version of Karma(as Riley) and Amy(as Maya) from Faking it. 

If you’ve ever seen Girl Meets World You’ll know how protective Maya is of Riley.

They act the same as Karma and Amy, Riley being really girly and pining after boys but loving her best-friend all the same, being insecure while everyone else thinks she’s the most confident. Maya being closer to Riley really only caring about her and making sure she’s safe while also having a care free attitude and making sure that none of the boys hurt Riley.

They have similar parents, with Riley’s parents being open and accepting and always there for Riley. While Maya (who’s dad left her) has a mom who is hardly there but can be caring at times.

They even dress similar. Riley flowery dresses. Maya doesn’t really care but always looks great.

I also think Lucas is like Liam but is way less of a Fuck-boy

but I won’t go into detail on that…