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stressecl-out  asked:

If you could find a way to incorporate Luka in a picture with his two big brothers (Ciel and Alois obvi) I'd probably cry real tears omfg (I love your art so much gaaahhhh thank you for doing what you do the kuro fandom can be so horrible at times)

Winter by Katmewmew

Awww thank you so much for your request, dear! Hope you like this! 

Friendly reminder that Alois Trancy isn’t your little “slutmuffin” or a “psychotic little whore” (i’ve seen him get called both), he is a 14 year old boy who went through hell and survived. That is untill the person he wanted to love him the most murdered him. He deserved better.

bocchans-bitchface  asked:

Hey, I absolutely adore your art, could I please request Ciel and Alois playing video games together? (maybe Pokemon? Seasonal considering the release of the new games which came out recently :3)

Games by Katmewmew

Ciel hates video games. Alois could only convince him to play a little MK, but Ciel still sucks at it xD