Happy -late- B-day Alex ❤😘 I’m a few days late because the latest works but at least all his presents that i commissioned arrived 😘 Thank you very very much the-blue-magpie-design and todayszotyi ✨ They look soo amazing ,i’m so happy QwQ (Now all he needs a faceup yessss i’ll get my artist shit togather and finally do it :’) but my hands are trembleing :’)


@alexbabinski: Got to jam with with some of my best friends in A Loss For Words at Slam Dunk Fest

To the people who always tell me Alex is too skinny and I should fix him -

No ??

He’s like that for a reason ?
It’s how his fucking body was designed and how it’s meant to be ? ?

It’s not for you to decide how MY OCs should be/look.