favourite show

disclaimer: spoilers!!!!

synopsis: you introduce michael to one of your favourite tv shows

“So they’re all dead?” Michael asked from behind you, you were sat in between his legs, your back resting softly against his chest and his fingers absentmindedly either knotting in your hair or drawing soothing circles on your thigh, you had convinced michael into watching American Horror Story with you - it was one of your favourite shows and you were determined to make it one of Michael’s also.
“No…” You mumbled a small smile beginning to make its way onto your face because of the constant questions michael would ask out of pure confusion. “If you die in the house then you appear as a ghost and if you attempt to leave the house it just like, teleports you back in.”
“This is some weird shit.” Michael incoherently mumbled, his chin now resting on your shoulder. “Is this the type of stuff you watch when I’m away?”
“Put all the creepiness aside its a really good show.” You defended, turning your head slightly so you could see his intense gaze focused on Tate showing Violet her corpse. You were in awe by Michael, his side profile entrancing you, the slight stubble and cute curve of his nose to his long eyelashes which you envy and constantly complain when he’s watching you apply mascara whining over him never appreciating the ‘luscious lashes he had’
“To say this is your favourite show you’re not paying much attention.” Michael said, his voice lingered with smugness and a smirk to appear on his face because he’d caught you staring. You leaned slightly to the left, placing a kiss on your boyfriends cheek and his smirk turning into a loving smile, him being completely in awe at you.