I want to have record of this day november 27 2015, the day I finally decided my career: ARCHITECTURE.

It feels so good to know for sure want you want to study and what you want to do in your future.

Making this final decision wasn’t easy, I went throught many doubts, fights, confusion, anxiety etc, but since it is such a big decision in life, I think this things come along. Now, I have to start with my applications.

From today’s revision for the Undergraduate Medicine Admissions Test (UMAT) which will be carried out later in July, 2016.

P.s. UMAT is one of the few ways to get into medicine in Australia. It is a test that goes for 3 straight hours and has 3 distinctive sections- logical reasoning/problem solving, understanding people and non-verbal reasoning. As it is not a knowledge tester, many consider this test as not possible to study for. However, this is rather inaccurate. It is possible and very important to prepare for the mindset of this admission.

Ask me any questions you have!

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, what was your high school gpa and SAT score? And do you think they are on the higher or lower end of Berkeley students?

I’ll give you a little more detail than that because it’s a bit complicated:

High School GPA: 3.83 by my own (incorrect) calulation unweighted

Correction: Officially 3.92 unweighted from the online Naviance portal

However, the UC system does take weighted GPA’s, but they cap it at 4.25. That means that if you get like a 4.33 or something, it only counts as 4.25. With that said, I did get a 4.25 capped weighted GPA (I don’t remember the specifics because it doesn’t really matter.)

To get a weighted GPA above a 4.0, I took 8 AP classes. An A in an AP class counts as 5 points instead of 4, and a B is 4 points, and so on. Some did not count towards my GPA (AP Chinese) and some I got B’s in (both semesters of AP Calc AB, and one semester of AP Lang. I also got a B second semester freshman year in math, and second semester senior year in journalism because I didn’t pay the $50 ad fee. lol.) In total, 5 B’s. So if you’re freaking out about a B right now, don’t be! You can still get into Berkeley!

That being said, I would think that my unweighted GPA is a bit lower, and my weighted GPA is about average? You’d have to look up the exact statistics on Google, I have no idea. Same for SAT scores.

As for SAT score, I got a 2170 on the first try without taking any prep classes and only doing about 4 practice tests from a book I bought. I hate standardized testing, so even though my mom was freaking out that it wasn’t a “high enough score” (that being a 2250 or preferably a 2300 to her), I was very okay with it. I did take it a second time just to appease her and I received a 2090, so SATs really weren’t my forte. To some people, that score sucks, to others, it’s way above their abilities. Either way, it was enough to get me into Berkeley. I really don’t care how it compares to other people because no one discusses SAT scores in college (sorry if that seems callous, I don’t mean it to be, but I don’t know how else to express it). Just do the best you can! Seriously!

Also, please note, while GPA and SAT aren’t the be all end all of college admissions (as long as you’re above a certain threshold I’d say you’re good), they are useful if you want to be in honors programs like the Regent’s program and they are useful in getting scholarships! Don’t use this as an excuse to not study hard!

Hope that helps! Some people are shy to give out their personal scores, but I’m absolutely fine about it, so if you’re curious about my individual score breakdowns, feel free to send me another message, this one’s getting kind of long.

[to all of the people that had asked me questions earlier, i hear you, i’m just waiting until i have a bit more time to answer them in full :) or ill do a post with all of them together]