Preparing for admissions- Magical bag

Tomorrow I am setting up my amazing “hospital admission bag” as I have been wanting to make one for aages and never did, and when it came to packing for my most recent admission I was like “damn I never made that bag…”

So here is a list of the most useful items I use, not in order and there are many more but these are like the most important things:

1: Hot water bottle: At my hospital they do actually have heat packs but having a hard plastic rock on a painfully stomach isn’t actually that great, so I prefer to bring in a fluffy hot water bottle to cuddle instead :3

2: Extra Pyjamas, underwear and warm clothes: When im sent home from hospital Im normally wearing cold pyjamas and a dressing gown, not easy to walk in, looks weird and generally embarrassing, so having that one outfit to go home in helps. And you can never have to many spare undies.

3:Toilet roll: Im not fond of hospital toilet roll, its thin and it feels weird and isn’t all that great, plus most of the time I wont get my own bathroom so having my own toilet paper instead of sharing with potentially contagious patients puts my mind at rest of catching anything while using the bathroom.

4: Lip moisturiser: My lips get sooo dry in hospital and I never even go near my make up bag when im packing for a hospital stay but I should go and grab a tin of Vaseline or a tube of “baby lips” as they really help, especially for longer stays. (face moisturisers good too)

5: A cushion: I always take my Bunny Rabbit pillow as it is so useful in many ways. It folds up to be a cuddly comfort toy

and unfolds to be a nice head rest or cushion,

I actually put my hand on it when I go to sleep, as I find even if I move when I sleep, having my hand on a cushion allows nurses to give me IV medication without them having to nudge me and ask for my hand, they just help themselves.

6: A blanket and Pillow: lets face it, hospital blankets wont keep you warm and the pillows are like haystacks. For longer stays its nice to have your own soft blanket and your own pillow and pillow case.

I might set up a time lapse video of everything im putting in the bag as its less time consuming than typing everything. Hope this helps, and the whole point is you pack this bag in advance and save it so when you feel really bad you can dash down to the hospital with no thought required.

Theres being desperate and theres being honest.

Want me to be honest with you guys?

Okay here goes i KNOW how to get admitted. BUT i DON’T want to be admitted which is why i AM taking my lithium and seroquel and all my PRNs to calm me down for my CPN so she doesn’t get my psych to admit me. I am trying to behave myself and get well because being bipolar and being like this well just isn’t normal. I am hypomanic at the moment but i know i am. I feel like bruce almighty with powers but i know thats not normal. I will get better. Maybe not today maybe not next week but i will and i will stay out of hospital. 

If you want a tip on getting admitted heres one; DON’T GET FUCKING ADMITTED, ITS SHIT. 

Also to that nasty spiteful anon who bitched about me on Amy’s blog, please unfollow me and mail me who you are so i can block you, cheers doll x