Angery ?

Peter pan x reader

Warnings : cusssing, heated momments

Word count : 1194

Requested : pan hasn’t attempted to capture you for the last few days. Can it be in between smut and fluff and can she be angery at him at first and like doesnt want to admit   that she likes him to , oh yeah and peter like likes her ( @secretlyshamelesspersona  )


Peter Pan, what can I say hes a pain in the ass. He has  been  to the better word lets say… hunting me. But all of a sudden he’s stopped, it’s a relief but I’m getting suspicious. Why would he just stop?

Shrugging off the hint of curiosity, you kneeled down, scooping up some water to my plams before drinking it. As you gulped the last drop, you felt your body suddenly slam against the rocky ground by the water hole. Pinned down and being practially straddled, with my wrist suddenly tight grip of two strong hands.

Your shocked and panicked eyes caught the sight of his lustful and devious orbs. The sight of his smirk was noticeable, but soon faltered when he leaned his lips towards your ear. His voice sounded sudcutive, and you shuddered beneath him.

“ Suprised to see me, love?” he said as he quirked an eyebrow. God did I hate him, I mean I kinda liked him… but he has always been a jerk. “ I am… and I’m not.” you say and roll your eyes. “ aw princess, are you at least happy to see me? We haven’t seen each other in awhile ”. He said with a smirk looking down at me with lust in his eyes.

“ Well let me think… NO! Your pracatilly hunting me, all of a sudden you stop! And now your here… well… straddleing me and you think im gonna be happy to see you? All you have been to me is a jerk, so no I’m not happy to see you? ” I yelled up at him. He looked alittle shocked at my outburst maybe even alittle hurt, but then of course his smirk came back. “ ok, one I wouldn’t need to  you say hunt I say find you if you would just hear me out, two I am actually likeing this postion I have you in, and three I’m sorry I’ve been a jerk to you, although if you would just hear me out I can explain why. ” he said,I looked at him and said “ fine “.

I tryed to site up but he didn’t move “ do you mind? “ I said and looked at him with a very annoyed look. “ actually I do cause if I get off of you, you might run and like I said before I am fond of this postion. “ he said with a smug smirk, although he is right I would probably run. Wait did I just say he might be right?  I must have hit my head.

“ fine, fine. Well…speak “ I said as I laid back down and looked up at him waiting to hear him out. “ ok, look I have realized I haven’t been the nicest to you, and I regret th-”

And I cut him off “ regret , WOW almost an apology from Peter Pan. I must be special “ I said in a condcending tone. “ Do you ever shut up? “ he asked , I shook my head ‘no’ and he nodded then contuined “ like I was saying I regret that, I don’t hate you. Actaully I think I might like you, I don’t know how to express that so being a jerk to you sounded like a good idea and then maybe I wouldnt like you anymore but see how you just always seem to have a come back for whatever comment I send your way. It just made me like you more and then you decided to leave camp and when I sent the boys to retevie you, you just kinda beat them up. I thought the best apporach would be to give you some space before trying to talk to you again. “

I looked at him and I couldn’t tell if he was lying or not “ no , no your lieing Peter Pan doesn’t love. He’s cruel and abussive! “ I yell at him, he’s shocked from what I said and I flip him over and get up and move away somewhat. “ How so? Please tell me why don’t you believe me. “ he said while getting up, if I didn’t know any better I would say he looks hurt. “ Because your impolssvie, bossy and cocky. Your annoying and you just…ugh! You make me so angery all you ever do is say mean comments or play games on me and I’m starting to feel more lost then before I came here! “ I have to admit, when I came to neverland I was lost but with everything going on lately I feel more lost now then I did.

Peter slowly walked up to me and when he was close I started banging and hitting my fists on his chest, and was crying I don’t know when the tears started but I couldn’t seem to stop them now. He grabbed my wrist with one hand and wrapped the other arm around me and pulled me to him. Slowly he sat us down on the rocky gravel, “ I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, I didn’t realize. I was brought you here so you wouldn’t feel lost anymore and all I did was make it worse on you. Give me a second chance, I’ll make it up to you, come back to camp? “ he said, rocking me in his arms trying to calm me enough to stop crying.

I lift my head from resting under his chin against his chest and look up at him “ everyone deserves a second chance. Plus its not like I can leave the island. “ I say looking up at him. Peter looks up then back at me and moves a strand of hair from my face and smirks “ is my princess still angery? “ he says chuckling, I laughed a little to.
“ well I’ll probaly always be angry at you… but maybe the anger can die down abit and maybe other feelings can come up “ once I finshed we both laughed for awhile. “ oh what kind of other feelings may theses be.. Mmm? “ he said as he raised his eyebrows and his smirk turnned into a playful one. I moved in between his legs knealing, I tilt my head to the side and put my hands on his shoulders and push him back so he’s laying down. I move up and straddle his waist “ well you did say you were found of this postion, didn’t you? “ I said with a smirk and playful eye’s. Peter put a hand on the back of my head then next thing I know he flipped us over so he was on top straddleing me…again. “ No I said I was fond of this postion me being on top “ he said with a smirk “ don’t get me wrong it was and is nice you being on top of me but I rather be on or in control. “ he finshed and leaned in and we kissed. I really do hope things do change in a better way.


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