In Case You Missed It pt. 2

Hey guys.  This is Part 2 of a master post of fic y’all might have missed.  Some of it’s older, some newer, some never even posted to Tumblr.  Take a gander, click on some links, and support your fellow fandom writers.  

If anyone would like to be included on a list, or if I missed you, please feel free to message me and I’ll draw up another list in a few days or so.  

Wonderful You by @contrivedcoincidences6

*Oh my God, THE FEELS.  This cancer arc drabble melts your damn heart. BRB, I’m gonna go read literally everything else by this author because clearly I need a good cry today. 

Waiting For You by @realmofscience

*An AU set during and after the Pilot.  Seriously, we need more Pilot fic in this fandom.  I can’t get enough of it. 

In Utero by @nnyyssssaa –

*This one is a pregnant!Scully doozy.  Sheesh.  More feels for you.  So many beautiful feels.

N+1 by @scienceandmysticism –

*The best answer for the “one lonely night” bit that CC threw at us.  This is now my headcanon, and it should be yours as well.  

The Eternal Return by @storybycorey

*HOO boy, Revival smut.  Smutty smut.  (insert eyebrow waggle gif here)

Together by @sunshinetoday

*A beautiful little post Founder’s Mutation fic.  Ugh, we so need more of these.  For real.  This is lovely. 

Under a Wide Sky by @frangipanidownunder

*Wooooot an update to this crazily interesting casefile.  We actually featured this a while back on @txf-fic-chicks so obviously it’s a must read WIP!

Leaving or Waiting by @crossedbeams

*What’s this? A post Chinga fic??  Some serious goodness in here. 

#65 by @bohoartist

* *fans self* pheeeeew ok.  This baby is def NSFW.  Deliciously so. 

We Are Disfigured by the Things We Do to Cope by @chileananderson

*Sorry @chileananderson I gave it a title (a line from your poem).  This beauty is far too gorgeous to be 1. untitled, and 2. not read by every single one of you right now. 

Days in the Unremarkable House pt. 4 by @scully-loves-ruthie

*Holy hell, this part starts out with a gut punch, and then continues to just hurt you in all the right ways.  Freaking awesome, man.  

Bubbles in the Wind by @piecesofscully

*uh, of course I’m going to include this.  LOL ain’t no shame in my self promotion game, folks.  I write for you to read.  So read. 

Coming Home by @kateyes224

*Look, do you ever find an AU that you just want to curl into bed with and live in it forever?  Because that’s this fic for me.  It’s perfection. 

Guys, thank you all for writing for the fandom.  I’m sure I can speak for every reader on here when I say you and your efforts are appreciated. <3

eu queria falar do céu bonito que se esconde por trás dos teus olhos.
eu queria falar da chuva bonita que cai quando você vai embora.
mas a verdade é que nada disso acontece,
porque eu não consigo te ver.
você não aparece para mim.
e eu sinto sua falta.
mesmo nunca tendo te visto,
mesmo nunca tendo te tocado.
eu sinto sua falta
e isso dói muito.