let me share my own story from today:

i went to the grocery store down the street earlier today. i wasnt wearing any makeup, i was in a hoodie and sweats, tired as fuck, and thinking “hey, im not going to see anybody i know. i’m fine”

i get what i need and go to checkout but there was only one cashier working and it was one i had never seen before since this is the only grocery store i ever go to

i walk up to the cashier and i swear, i dont know why i decided today was the day i wanted to look like shit, because it was this guy i was friends with back in sixth grade (about seven years ago) and i s2g, puberty hit him like a freight truck

i have never seen a more attractive person

and here i was…standing in front of this literal god of sunlight…. wearing no makeup in sweats and a hoodie buying two bags of cat food and tampons