since I now pretend at being a star wars blog, I’ve decked it out for the 40th anniversary of star wars tomorrow! icon and mobile banner are switched out, the queue is loaded with OT posts, and now, a star wars story.

you know how cool it would have been if my parents had met at the star wars premiere? well, that didn’t happen. however, the day of the premiere my dad closed his office early (which he never did) to go see the matinee showing of star wars with my mom because he “knew it was going to be a big deal”. after they got all settled in the theatre my mom decided she wanted popcorn, and that’s how she missed the opening scrawl. however, my dad was hooked and when it re-released in theatres when I was 10, he took me to the premiere showing of each re-release. we’re a star wars family (or most of us are).

anyway, on this most catchphrasey of anniversaries,

may you celebrate with blue milk and all the cantina music your ears can handle!

(also if you have read this far, drop a prompt in my inbox and I’ll write you a drabble for may the 40th <333 prompts will be open until 3pm EST)

Random character thoughts about Bonnie and material attachment:

After leaving the policeradicators, Bonnie is actually probably pretty happy to see Kingfisher go. Not because she dislikes Kingfisher or anything like that, but because a starship is something you have to constantly keep in mind (even moreso than owning a car as a person, I figure) whatever you do. You can’t just leave it somewhere for a few months if you need to go hide out and maintaining one is a lot of work - there’s a reason they usually crew more than one!

It’s the same reason that until ID bought a place and consistently invited her back, she didn’t have anywhere solid to live, either. She grew up a vagrant orphan, so having something and somewhere she has to come back to and maintain, that she can’t just drop without warning for extended periods of time as her lifestyle might require her to, that all feels like an unnerving amount of obligation and limitations on her freedom (and, as a result, her safety).

People, at least, can take care of themselves - at least the kinds of people Bonnie makes friends with! Places to live and starships and other things people associate with stability, less so.

tentative list of things to read/watch in the coming days


- BNHA Chapter 139

- One Piece Chapter 866

- Haikyuu!! Chapter 255


hmmm I don’t think anything comes on on Fridays??

Saturday - the day where everything happens

- Dragon Ball Super (dubbed)

- Dragon Ball Super (subbed)

- Doctor Who

- Toonami (although I think this weekend is just a SJ marathon)


- Dragon Ball Super (subbed) if my bro and I fall asleep before we watch it Saturday night

- One Piece


- Steven Universe