Stuntwoman killed on set of Deadpool 2

A female stunt person has died while performing a motorcycle stunt on the set of Deadpool 2 according to a statement from the Vancouver police. On Tuesday, the Coroners Service of British Columbia identified the victim as 40-year-old SJ Harris.

Witnesses said that a female motorcyclist crashed her bike in the Jack Poole Plaza in the Canadian city of Vancouver. She reportedly went airborne before crashing through glass at Shaw Tower.

Onlookers originally thought that the crash was a choreographed part of the filming, but soon realised that the incident was unintended.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Charlottesville and of "punching nazis"?

man I’ve just come home and I don’t know what the fuck happened because I don’t read the news if I’m outside italy but if we’re talking about the neonazis marching

  • there’s a goddamned reason why where I come from apology of fascism is technically a crime and same in germany and you cannot do that kind of shit, the US should get on the memo and realize that some opinions aren’t as opinion-y as others
  • I think nazis should be arrested and prosecuted not punched in the face and I’ve said that for months at this point as in
  • if the US don’t have a legal system where in order to make sure nazi people don’t spread nazi propaganda then people should march for that, but if you punch someone who hasn’t punched you first it’s a legal mess never mind that you’re in the wrong, you don’t solve violence with violence in a civilized country and most of all alt right idiots are idiots, if you try and punch a real neonazi you’ll most probably end up in the hospital like those people are usually ripped, violent af and very quick to punch you back so let’s just say I’d never ever attempt that (PS: I actually came close to it once ops)
  • that said I just looked it up and I hadn’t realized people actually DIED in there and obviously everyone involved should be arrested and prosecuted properly and maybe the system should make sure such rallys can’t happen 
  • before people start telling me I’m censoring opinions and blah blah blah nazism is not an opinion and if they’re srs in that sense and go around killing people maybe it’s time to put a stop to it
  • I mean if you asked me I’d outlaw KKK public meetings or marches because the point is that some things that are actually dangerous to people should not be treated as random harmless stuff (same as I’d forbid the WBC from picketing funerals) so like… this shit… should not happen
  • but still punching a nazi will most likely not turn out to be a good idea in the long run so I’d say don’t try that

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Would a guy with hard as steel skin and a girl that is frog.. (they have musk on them? =w=) have an acne?

we don’t know if Kiri can get acne or not; he can harden his hair and eyes, so, who says he couldn’t harden the acne too? without his quirk activated he’s just as soft and squishy as anyone else

and Tsuyu could maybe get warts?? idk?? she’s also human so really it just depends. but really, it’s just a silly doodle, don’t think too hard about it my dude


On the High Wire by @bathtimefunduck | Chapter 3: The Contortionist

Lucy is tired of things blowing up around her. She also territorial of her friends and takes great pleasure in being a little shit.