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Water is a beautifully atmospheric pop debut from a new Los Angeles project named Zosia. At the reins of this new venture is singer songwriter Anneke Lada, whose voice is quite the smoky pristine stunner. Her first song immediately captures our ears with its bold twilight pop and lush, tempestuous construction. ECHOS-like vocal bass and a dusky trip hop undertone add to the song’s cinematic magnificence. Water washes over us, dragging us into its powerful current and grandiose pull.

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29th Aug Holby City Thoughts

Loved Zosia’s jeans and blazer

When Fletch was debating whether to go to the interview after speaking to Lofty I kept on shouting “do it!!!”

“Don’t worry there’s no right answer; either you don’t care or I’m a heartless bitch”

“Is that Jacular?”

Never seen Guy that angry before, something must be really wrong

My baby Zosia. MY POOR BABY ZOSH. SAVE HIM JAC. Why is Lofty so awkward when Sacha is asking where Dom is WHY WHY WHY you LOVE HIM PLEASE. Omg he’s entered. WHY IS THIS AWKWARD. These two have low-key liked each other for so long and we get THIS. Omg that “of course I’m sorry” OH LOFTY YOU DARLING. Why the HELL IS FREDDIE IN HOSPITAL FFS GET OUT. Like I hope he’s okay but like GO AWAY. Dom don’t get back with him just because he’s in hospital. ALL HAIL QUEEN JAC. I’m watching you Dom and you’d better keep watching Lofty. I live for Zosia and Jac deep chats WAIT NO THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OMG ZOSIA STAY. I KNOW YOU GOING BUT STAY. WAIT DOM WHAT THE ACTUAL OMG I HATE YOU DOM I HATE YOU HOW DARE YOU OMG ARE YOU ACTUALLY HOLBY IS THIS FOR REAL ARE YOU OMG I CAN’T EVEN HOW COULD YOU DO THIS. HOW. LOFTY’S FACE. I AM ENRAGED. IT MEANT EVERYTHING TO HIM. Zosia is literally one of the best characters on this show the fact she’s leaving is breaking my tiny tiny heart. BUT HEY IT SWELLS FOR HER. I’m dying watching Lofty die inside listening to Freddie claim he likes Dom just GET OUT MAN. Ollie putting his arm around Zosia UGH OMG too cute. Zosia is my baby. I love these two to the moon and the sun and like mars whatever JUST AH I’M ALL OVER THE SOLAR SYSTEM BABY. Dom LEGIT are you listening to yourself?? Lofty is “perfect” BOY YOU IN DEEP. You know what I’ll have Lofty for myself. FINE. Why is this random “friend” trying to convince Ollie he doesn’t love Zosia? Omg the GRAB THE GRAB DAMN I actually thought it’d be romantic. OH WAIT IT IS NOW. Omg LOFTY OMG. HE’S BEING SO HONEST I AM DONE. DOM I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU DOM WELL DONE MY SON. I RAISED YOU WELL. IS THIS THE END OF ZOLLIE. OH MY ACTUAL NO OMG. JAC YOU ICE QUEEN I LIVE FOR YOU. I want to see more Morven. Oh crap Freddie is back. I can’t wait for this love triangle to end. It’s legit so so just no. Don’t you dare touch my Lofty. WHOA THE BLOOD IT RED AND LOTS OF IT. ASDFGGHKDLWLWSKDE WOW. Did not see that coming. Fletch is such a good egg. Until Freddie leaves I can’t be comfortable DEEP down that they’ll be a thing PLEASE JUST GO. GUY DON’T DO IT. OH MY GOD MY BABY ZOSIA I CAN SEE HER LITERALLY CRUMBLING IN FRONT OF MY EYES SHE IS MAKING ME CRY. I feel so sad for Guy ngl. Omg I’m actually crying ZOSH. Damn Lofty is literally in love with this guy I actually thought he’d be less open but damn this side of him is so new and nice and I love it. What the hell was that conversation though him cleaning the blood WHAT THE HELL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY LOFTY WALKED OFF SADLY I TOTALLY DID NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONVO. ANYONE. PLEASE. I don’t getchoo Dom. You make no sense to me. This post is so long I’ll come back for the last ten minutes in a bit.


“Sometimes, at night, I think about Japan and I’m like, did I create this country in my mind?”                                                                                                                       “You have to enjoy life. You cannot rush a cherry blossom.”

  ♪ It’s a God-awful small affair,       To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling no,       And her daddy has told her to go                       But her friend is nowhere to be seen
     Now she walks through her sunken dream                                                              To the seat with the clearest view
             And she’s hooked to the silver screen ♪