gifs: yugioh


I think Kuriboh is a perfect Monster for Yugi, because they are very similar. They both may not look like much at first, and are often underestimated. But they quickly prove what they can really do. It’s just like Atem said, “Some things are more powerful than they first appear.”

(I couldn’t decide which picture I liked more, so I used both!)                                        

dailytypenull  asked:

Talos @ Eve : I want to send you to the shadow realm so i never have to see your ugly mug again. >:V


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, This coming from the chimera? how cute, but your pitiful excuse for an insult was weaker than half the prey I’ve killed, oh am I getting on your nerves again? HAHAHAHAHAHA good, it’s fun watching you suffer. So you want me gone huh? Well let’s see if you can but…” 

“What do you say Tally? is it time to duel, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA”

(That aura though <3 <3 I love)