gifs: young justice

rewatching season 2 of young justice and i cant get over how traumatized conner looked when he first saw m’gann turn that alien into a vegetable on rann… like the face he made, dude. 

like this is a guy who doesn’t … usually show much expression aside from anger, dude. even in s2.

i wont be very happy if they put m’gann and conner back together in season 3. not with how they broke up and how she kept invading peoples minds like that until kaldur’s breaking finally made her feel guilty.


Jason Spisak singing as Wally, Slice of Evermore from beauty and the beast. This man is a treasure.

“Choose me”

Relationship: Friends

Fandom: Young Justice

Character: Conner

As Conner walked into the base he could hear wolf growling at something. Walking over to him Conner followed his eyes sight to you with something wrapped in a towel.

“Hey Y/n,” Conner called to you which got your attention. “What do you got there?” You smiled and walked over to him and Wolf, the large white wolf still growling. You turned the towel around to show a small kitten.

“I found this little girl outside. Poor thing was dirty and hungry.” Conner now understood why his companion was growling. Conner let out a puff of air and crossed his arms.

“We are not keeping it.”

“Yes, we are. She needs a home.”

“We can’t keep every stray we come across.”

“Why not? Seems to have worked out for you and Wolf here.” Wolf stopped and looked at you then towards Conner. His growling stopped, as it seemed he was amused by this turn of events.

“Besides if you had a sign on you that said ‘Choose me’. I would take you home in a heartbeat.” You carefully set the kitten down by Wolf not noticing Conner’s red cheeks.

“You behave Wolf. She is family now.”