gifs: you again

A broken heart

A broken heart is something we all face.
Even though we hope no one ever gets to that place.
It’s like you’re no longer seeing beautiful red roses but you’re trapped in their thorns.
As you struggle to get out they only pierce you more, going deeper and deeper in your skin.
You start to throw away all the memories of them in your minds garbage bin.
It’s not just a emotional pain, but it becomes a physical pain that your body can’t comprehend.
As you try to walk and go about your day your body just wants to crash and bend.
Your eyes are constantly puffy and red.
You can’t even seem to get out of bed.
Everything you see reminds you of them.
It’s like there always there, present.
But most of all you feel this emptiness in your soul.
And you can only hope that you’ll one day be able to feel again.

Meet me at the Falls
I’ll tell you about
every strange thought
that runs through my head
I’ll tell you about my plan
to shackle you to me
and a Bloody Mary covers
all the food groups
how 3 am wouldn’t feel
like a death sentence
how daredevils aren’t lost
it’s just everyone else
evades being found

i love you, but not in the way you love a soulmate, or a sibling, or your best friend. i wish i could define my love for you, but i don’t know how. my love for you is all the ways that love can be defined, and it’s all the ways that can’t. my love for you is that extra deep breath we take upon arrivals and departures. it’s the stolen glances and furrowed brows that ask, “are you okay? have you been eating? did you get enough sleep?” my love for you is gentle fingertips on cracked skin and a shattered diaphragm. some days it’s breathing for two and swimming through shark invested waters to get into a castle that’s afraid to let anyone further than the front gates. other days it’s being fished out of the water and having the shark teeth plucked from numb flesh to the tune of “i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry.” my love for you has memorized the smell of your cologne and all the different shades your eyes can turn. my love for you is an altar and a hospital bed and the deed to a brand new house. i don’t know how to define this love, but i do know you.
—  i love you // k.g
You again - Stella and Tyler.

After hanging out with Tyler the other day, Stella was actually excited to do it again so she texted Tyler and asked him to meet her at the bowling hall. She had. She had ordered them a pizza and some milkshakes as she waited for him to arrive. It didn’t take to long til he showed up and skimmed around the place. Stella smiled as she saw him and got up and jumped up and down waving playfully for him to see her.