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In 2009, Teddy was offered by Lady Gaga’s team to work for the monster superstar but he turned down the said offer. In an interview, Teddy explained that it is his life rule to produce songs only for singers he knew on a personal level.

Teddy explained, “I think that the music producer plays the part of setting a middle ground between what the composer was aiming for and the singer’s intention. There were a lot of times when I was offered a large amount of money to compose and produce, but I turned the offer down because I didn’t know that singer perfectly. I think that’s why I’ve only worked with YG artists so far.” He also said that although he enjoyed his years with 1TYM, he’s happier now as a producer behind-the-scenes. “I think that instead of standing in the front, my personality goes better with holding up someone from behind.”


[Comeback Stage] BLACKPINK - AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST, 블랙핑크 - 마지막처럼 Show Music core 20170624


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The fact that Hanbin picked tablo and psy as his inspirations gives me a really warm feeling. Idk if you guys paid attention to it, but he’s been improving so much mentally. I feel like it’s not just bcs he suddenly realized that charts and success isn’t everything, I think it’s bcs he’s been looking at and working with people like tablo and psy that made him change his way of thinking so much. Both psy and tablo have been through a phase in their lifes when they became greedy and blinded by success and went through a hard phase bcs of that very reason. Hanbin at the age of 21 learned from their mistakes and already has their mindset. It makes me feel save to know that people like psy and tablo watch over him and help him to not make the same bad experiences. I’m so thankful. And I’m happy Hanbin finally looks like he truly and 100% just wants to enjoy music and meet fans.