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Last night my static blm got really pissy with me over asking her to keep mana shift on her bar. She claimed it would take 7 seconds to find the healer who needed it on the party list and use the skill, and her dps couldnt afford a 7 second drop in her rotation.


In a raid scene where the whole party has to support each other while juggling a bunch of other things such as DPS, I’d be shocked if a raid tier BLM took seven whole seconds to tell which healer needs mana. My only possible reasonings for it would be that they have a sight related disability that makes it hard to see where their healer is on the list, they have bad reaction timing and thus let themselves tunnel vision on their DPS over supporting their healers…or they’re just not willing. If it’s for the survivability of the party, it’s important to be prepared to mana shift when there are no other available MP regens for the healer. I mean shit can happen and we run out of mana even if we’re normally careful with preserving it.

But like…that isn’t even an excuse…..

– Mod Mhi

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