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Post by Ashley: @christian-moon

Edible and Plants that Grow Naturally 

A lot of plants are seen as weeds, but most plants are edible and/or can be used in teas, spells, potions, and tinctures. You may dry them if you like as well

  • ☀️Dandelion: Healing, purification, banishing negativity, wishes (honey smell and sweet taste) 
  • 🌸Wild Violet: Calming, gentleness, dreams, creativity, wishes, peace, healing, tranquility, love 
  • 🌿Nettle: Strength, banishing evil, protection, banishing fear
  • 🍃Lambs Quarters: (most nutritious on this list, great vitamin and protein source) Healing, protection, repair a broken heart, ease grief and emotional loss (tastes almost identical to spinach)
  • 🌴Mugwort: fertility, prevent backache and cure disease & madness, divination, astral travel, prophetic dreams, strong moon connection (tastes slightly bitter, helps control appetite, put leaves in shoes to be able to walk farther without sore feet)
  • 🌾Yarrow: Healing, releasing, love, banish negativity, protection, courage, confidence

WARNING: Make sure that pesticides are not used on the plants you pick. Wash plants before consuming.