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Series: An Unexpected Casualty

Title: Jasmine - Part 2
Characters: Rose/Reader, HongBin, Leo, Bawse
Warnings: Foul language
Genre: Multifandom AU, Dramedy, Tragedy, Romance
Word Count: 6236
Summary: You needed a distraction so your best friend introduced you to one. Little did you know it would be the catalyst to the rest of your life. Well, everyone’s life.
Author’s Note: The second part of the first installment in the Unexpected Casualty series/universe. If you caught the hints, more groups will follow soon. Enjoy!
Catch Up: |Jasmine - P1|Geranium -  P1|

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You were awoken by Bin the next morning. You had apparently slept through the alarm and needed to be somewhat roughly shaken into consciousness in order to wake up.

You opened your eyes slowly and took in the image of the man lying naked next to you. You groaned groggily and pouted at the sight of him. “Nooo,” you whined. “I can’t go another round.”

“What? No, shh.” He brushed some of your hair out of your face and tucked it behind your ear. His dimples were hypnotizing as he smiled and peered down at you fondly. “That’s not what’s hap—”

“Everything hurts. Please noooo,” you continued to drone out deliriously.

Bin laughed and pressed your foreheads together before pecking your lips with a kiss. “Get it together woman.”

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