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Thank you guys for responding to my shoe post!! I am going to look into your suggestions.
I forgot I had a box of hand me down shoes from my cousin. She tried on 7 different size 4/5 and we found a pair that (mostly) work!! They’re a little long but not so much that she trips over them.
Also, look how adorable my child is; she was super excited about going to the pool. 😁

Spent 30 minutes at Target trying to find shoes that fit my daughters’ fat ass feet and left with nothing. I’m so frustrated lol.
She loves to play at the park but I know she will end up with a splinter or something if she doesn’t have shoes on. But her feet legit look like mine when I was 9 months pregnant. Size four fits her length but not her fat; and size five BARELY fits her fat but are so long she is tripping over them.
I feel shitty having to keep her cooped up in the house and making her sit in carts when we go out rather than letting her walk.