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I was in line to see 12 Years A Slave at the Varsity Theatres in Toronto and she came out of the earlier showing! I stared at her for a minute before asking if she was indeed Tatiana Maslany–she was.

I gushed at her for a bit about how amazing she was and how excited I was for the 2nd season of Orphan Black before stutteringly, apologetically asking if I could take a picture with her. She was lovely and said yes, and my amused friend snapped a pic. I gushed at her again, and she asked if I was going into 12 Years A Slave; I said yes, and she replied “it’s really amazing.”

Then we said bye, she walked her beautiful self away, and I screamed and freaked out for at the people standing around me for 15 minutes. ALSO, although this merits a post of it’s own, TYAS was indeed fucking amazing.

Extremely well written, acted, directed, and edited, with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CINEMATOGRAPHY EVER. It was genuinely heart shredding, whilst in the movie I sobbed 4 separate times.

Tatiana had looked a little teary when she initially came out of the movie, and I totally understood why after my show had ended, haha.              

^She talks about the hat she’s wearing in the pic in this vid^

Visiting the Set of Twelve Years A Slave

Yes, I was allowed to visit the set over several days and watch various scenes, including Benedict filming his scenes as William Ford this past week. No, I did not take any pictures that I can share, as pictures are not allowed on set. Nor is just speaking to principle actors while they are on set, even by people working on the movie (the actors are, after all, WORKING. A movie set is not an ice cream store people!) so never would I have approached him directly (although he did walk right by me several times and I did get a nod, a wave and a smile ;) I have to work this weekend  and won’t really have time to write an actual post about it right now, although I have already seen my few tweets about it circulating on tumblr. I will say it was quite a wonderful experience, not only watching them shoot the film itself over several days but also seeing him work as well. And he looked quite dashing on a horse, riding in in a frenzy to cut Solomon down from the hanging tree. (If you’ve read the book, you know the scene).

This set was the location for William Ford’s home and they supposedly finished at that location on Friday and were breaking the set when I left. I have no idea if he will be filming elsewhere, as most if not all of his scenes would have taken place there. He could have wrapped for all I know. But I feel blessed to have been allowed to see him work, as well as to see the others work. That’s TWO things I can now cross off my bucket list!


Mr. Cumberbatch, is it your eyes that drive women crazy?
Benedict Cumberbatch, In an exclusive Interview Hollywood’s darling talked to us about 12 years a slave and playing theatre in Vienna.

Benedict Interview in the Austrian Newspaper “News” (from January - Mostly about 12 years a slave). 

I will translate it tomorrow if anyone is interested. Nothing too new but still.