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Tips for Newbees!

Since there was a sale and it looks like we have some newbees, I figured I’d make some newbee posts. I’ll be using the tag #newbee post for any new player/general guides and tips! This post should answer a lot of basic questions about what to do, what to build, what stats to have and where to get help.

1. Don’t worry about rushing to the endgame.You’ve got a lot of fun experiences ahead of you. Take your time and enjoy them.

2. Focus on quests. Quests will give you XP which will give you AP to unlock more abilities with and SP to unlock better gear with

3 Don’t spend all your SP on one thing. You’ll get better results having your talismans and main weapons at roughly the same level

4. Don’t stress too much about where to spend AP. If you don’t like what you’ve been doing just spend points in something else! Worst case scenario, you have to rerun some quests for AP. You’ll find plenty of quests you won’t mind running again and you might pick up on something you missed before!

5. You usually don’t have to run all the way back to your last quest giver unless you really want to. When you finish a quest, stop and look around. There’s often a side quest (the little greenish ones) or another quest giver nearby. This is by design and its much more interesting than running back to the same person plus more AP/SP!

Build Tips

6. You can wield two weapons at once and use actives from both weapons. Generally you want one resource builder (all builders except healing builders build for both weapons) and one consumer for each weapon. For soloing, one AoE builder, one AoE consumer and one single target consumer usually work best.

7. Turn the Tables is an ability in one of the miscellaneous little blue boxes on the ability wheel. Its a flat heal (not based on heal rating) and can be used with any weapons. Its kind of expensive when starting out, and not an immediate priority, but there’s very few builds where its a bad choice for an active.

8. Elemental Force is a passive that gives you a guaranteed critical hit every 8 hits. If the 8th ability has more than one hit (such as Burst or Focus attacks), all of those hits will crit.It literally costs 2 AP to get

9. If you’re really stuck on what abilities to unlock and use, try this

Actives: Blade Torrent, Balanced Blade until you can replace it with Clearing the Path, Martial Discipline

Passives:Immortal Spirit, Perfect Storm, Regeneration

This combination will serve you well through the entire storyline and leaves you a secondary weapon and passive and active slots to experiment with.

How it Works: Blade Torrent is your builder and Perfect Storm will make it apply affliction. Clearing the Path has an increased chance to penetrate on afflicted enemies which will give more damage and activate Immortal Spirit. Regeneration makes Martial Discipline an excellent OH SHIT button

Dungeon Tips

10. For dungeon DPS, you’ll generally want to stick to single target ranged abilities. These are usually, assault rifle, pistol, shotgun, elementalism, and blood.

11. For dungeon healing, Fist/Blood is great for newbees

12. I wouldn’t recommend tanking until you know the fights well. But when you do, blade, chaos and hammer are the usual tanking weapons

13. There are exceptions to the above but this is a newbee post not an advanced dungeoning post.

Stat Tips

14. You won’t really have to worry too much about stats except for maybe hit rating until you hit QL10 but here’s a quick rundown

15. There are five events that can happen when you attack or are attacked: glance, evade, block, critical, or penetrate

16. Glancing and evading can be prevented by increasing your hit rating

17. Penetrating does more damage and prevents blocking.

18. Critically hitting does more damage as well, how much is determined by critical power. Crit rating and power also affect healing!

19. Blocking is the best defensive stat for PvE

20. Quick and very dirty dungeon stats: DPS want hit, penetration, crit rating and power in that order of priority, healers want crit rating and power, tanks want hit, block and penetration in that order of priority. Soloing generally involves a mix of hit, penetration, block, crit rating and crit power depending on the build.

Other Misc Tips

21. Typing /chat join channelname (replace channelname with the name of the channel) will let you join a custom chat channel. Of particular note are Tumblrmeetup and Sanctuary. #tumblrmeetup is where the tumblr players hang out and we’re happy to answer questions. #sanctuary is another chat which offers help to newbees.

22. General chat is also usually a good place to get help.

23. Typing /reset will kill you. This is handy for getting unstuck. Also when you die, you can pick any discovered anima well to ressurect at. Since the only penalty for death is some gear damage which is cheap to repair, this is a great way to get across the map quickly. We call this deathaporting

24. There are NPCs in white marked by a stack of coins icon on the map. These are Council of Venice vendors and you can repair your gear at them. (this is the only useful thing the council does). The first ones you’ll encounter are just north of the Kingsmouth police station

25. You can buy clothes in London. There’s also a barbershop, the bank/auction house, tacos and the Horned God (a popular RP spot)

26. There are mods for this game! A lot of them are really useful. I’ll post a list of some of the ones I use later or you can message me about them

27. biomechanicaltomato killed Andy in a game of fuck,marry,kill. DO NOT TRUST THE BEE MOM

Bee Mom's Guide to Filthy Stats

Most gearing guides will give you set numbers to reach, like 650 Hit Rating and so on. Those stat goals are fine… for dungeons and raids. As a solo player, you’ll need to think differently! So here is a handy dandy explanation/guide to choosing your stats!

 One of your most important stats will be your Hit Rating. Hit rating is exactly what it says on the tin: how likely you are to hit something. While Nightmare dungeons and the raid want you to have 650-ish hit rating, for regular missioning and moving over the map you should aim for 300-400 hit rating by the time you have gotten your QL10 blues. And yes, 300 is just fine with the exception of a few areas.  Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER put Hit on your weapons. Stats on weapons only count for that weapon. Put offensive or defensive stats on your weapons instead.

Next you will choose between what we’ll call your offensive stats: Critical or Penetration. Eventually, you’ll have both stats. While the group content crowd prefers penetration for both the higher damage hits and the reduction of glancing hits (low damage hits), for missions and open world shenanigans either stat is fine. But which stat to choose?

The best way to pick a stat is simply to see which stat the weapons you want to use proc off of. For example, Elementalism has many effects that trigger upon a Critical hit, but Blood Magic prefers to use Penetrating hits. Also keep in mind that Criticals are a two stat investment- Critical Rating and Crit Power Rating- while Penetration only requires Penetration Rating.

Finally, there are your Defensive stats. The first stat for this is Health! Health determines your hit point pool, which by Translyvania you should never let dip lower than 3.5K, but generally should not go any higher than 5k.

Next is the decision between Defense, Block, and Evade. But which to pick? Some weapons, like Hammers and Chaos, can proc off of blocking or evading a hit, so that is one thing to consider. But, to be honest, Bee Mom strongly urges the use of Block. Evade needs a lot of points to really be worth the effort/reliable. Defense is just not as effect in PvE content from bee Mom’s experience. Block will not need a large amount of dedicated stat points while still proving useful.

At this junction, Bee Mom would also like to mention that you will want at least one Heal Rating Talisman, since a good solo build has some form of self-healing. Bee Mom runs two Heal Talismans, one health Talisman, and the rest are attack Talismans, but at the end of the day you will have to find what works for you.

Tl;dr Stack Hit rating to 300 by Transylvania, with everything else in Penetration (400 to 600) and then in crit rating if not using elemental force. If using elemental force, stack crit damage. Have at least 3.5k and no more than 5k health. Use at least one heal rating talisman
You were the shattered glass that cut into my body, diving well below my twelve feet deep gaps and you filled them with words and misinterpreted feelings that I didn’t think existed outside of movies and you ran your fingers down my back every time you whispered I was yours but fuck, you should’ve been yelling that I was yours and you should’ve glided into gaps through my mouth instead of leaving scars where you used to be.
—  I’ve stopped missing you
Bee Mom's Guide to Filthy Overviews

…for people who prefer to neither dungeon nor raid. This is the basic ‘very general overview’ of what your gear progression will look like. I’ll start posting more in depth stuff in a bit.

  1. From Solomon Island to Transylvania, you’re going to be in greens that either drop from mobs you kill, are rewarded by quests, or you craft yourself. This is fine. You don’t need blues for the base game, but if you feel the need, pick some up from the Sequin vendors, starting with the QL6 blues in Blue Mountain. :3
  2. Before you go to Kaidan, you’ll need to play the Auction House for some QL10 blue talisman and glyph kits. Use these to craft your QL10 blue gear, since you won’t be running dungeons.
  3. Once you’ve gotten a few blues, run the issues in order. All but the Tyler Freeborn issue will reward you with a purple talisman at QL10.1.
  4. Head to Kaidan. Enjoy.