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Don’t let being sad or being upset about something take your hope away from you. Ever. You know, sometimes life just hits you, right in the face. And it’s alright. Because I, for one, think it’s kinda cool to have a black eye every now and then. And I think it’s definitely okay to have scars, and it’s definitely okay to hurt, and be in pain and show it. And that’s why we have friends in this life. And it’s why we have music.


Imagine Finn being the last person you see before you die.

Finn ripped off his helmet, his chest heaving. This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t be real. He felt like he was suffocating. The ache in his ribs was unbearable. He needed to get out, needed to run, needed to get away from this place. Your blood was on his helmet, streaked across the faceplate. His hands were shaking so badly he could barely hold it.

“Please,” he whispered, praying that this wasn’t real. He couldn’t get the image out of his head. You, on the ground, blood slipping through the plates of your armour. It had been your first battle too. Neither of you could have been prepared for the destruction and chaos.

Finn’s hands curled into fists as he struggled to compose himself. He couldn’t show weakness, couldn’t let anyone see that he was affected. You hadn’t died when you’d been hit the first time. You’d fallen, crying out in pain, desperate and terrified. You’d called out for your mother, the one you had never known because the First Order had taken you away when you were just a child. Finn had tried to call for a medic. He had held your hand, tried to calm you down. He had tugged off your helmet so he could see your face. But he couldn’t have done anything.

Tears burned Finn’s eyes. No, this wasn’t right. None of it was. He only knew one thing now.

He had to get out.

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[…] My friends have said, “Wait, you’re pretty and you sing? What do you mean you’re interested in science?” I have to just hold my head and go, “Do you hear yourself?” By no means should you ever limit yourself because of what others think or because of their perceptions of what someone looks like in a certain field. I think that that is stupid and crazy. […]