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T&B E01-E13 Rewatch - Fave Kotetsu x Barnaby Scenes:

  • Bunny’s small smile when Kotetsu wouldn’t leave him alone while he took care of the bomb
  • (when Bunny joked that he wanted that 6-million Stern dollar diamond and Kotetsu sorta delivered; also Kotetsu giving Bunny his bday present)
    Pauly: Why are you smiling?
    Bunny: I’m not smiling.
  • when Kotetsu said HE was Bunny’s bday present
  • when we find out Kotetsu asks about what Bunny eats
  • Kotetsu protecting Bunny from Lunatic’s attack
  • Bunny secretly keeping Kotetsu’s burnt sash
  • Bunny thinking about Kotetsu risking his life for him
  • Bunny looking at Kotetsu before and after confirming his past to the public
  • injured Kotetsu risking his life to help Bunny defeat Jake
  • Kotetsu catching Bunny from behind and talking too close to his ear!!! (damn helmet)
  • Bunny finally calling Kotetsu by his name
  • EVERY TIME Kotetsu calls him BUNNY
  • TRUST™
  • the fricking ED; Bunny and Kotetsu’s hands clasping around the little couple pin Kotetsu got for both of them (also they could’ve just clapped their hands together BUT they had to fill in the gaps of each other’s fingers ya feel im so bye)

BONUS: English dub

  • Nathan calling them an old married couple when they argue
  • Karina calling them out on their lovers’ spat
  • Bunny calling Kotetsu ‘Papa Bear’

Alex Dimple is the child of The Cheshire Cat, and is a twenty year old sophomore in university. Their sexuality is up to their player. Alex grew up in Wonderland. They look a lot like Ruby Rose. Alex is currently taken.

I’m going back to 505… 

The Cheshire Cat was well known as Wonderland’s resident trickster, and his child was no different. Growing up, Alex learned of their father’s tricks, and learned them well. By eight , they were able to transport to anywhere in a ten mile radius, and as they practiced more, all throughout Wonderland. It was helpful in their situation, what with their father’s relationship with the Queen of Hearts being quite up and down. Alex traveled around a lot, searching for their purpose in life.

For a time, Alex believed to be put on the earth to be a traveler, and someone to play tricks on others like their father, but as time wore on, they became more and more unsure. While it was fun to confuse people into doing the wrong thing or going the wrong way, Alex felt that there must be more to it all. Which was when they discovered the mirror. In the middle of Tulgey Woods, they found an odd looking mirror forged into the side of an old, tall tree. It was silver and beautifully decorated, and Alex felt drawn to it. When they reached out and touched its gilded frame, sunken into the bark seamlessly, an image began to pool in the glass. It was a woman who was speaking to Alex, or rather to her reflection on the other side of the mirror. When the woman reached her hand up to the glass, Alex felt a tingle in their fingertips, and they felt color warm their cheeks. Suddenly, it appeared that the woman could see them as well and was overjoyed.

Zoya Zazu was the daughter of an adviser of African royalty, and was gifted the bizarre mirror by a stranger who thought her divinely beautiful. Alex thought she was gorgeous as well, and the more they talked, the more Alex began to fall for Zoya. The two talked of everything from where they were from, to where they wanted to go. They chatted everyday, and Alex set up a little camp in the grove of trees so that she wouldn’t miss Zoya trying to reach out to them. When Zoya told Alex that she was going away to a school, Alex needed to go with her; they talked to their father, who conveniently had the letter from Elias Prep inviting his child to attend the academy. Alex packed their bags and was ready to leave the same night Zoya was. They couldn’t wait to meet who they believed to be their soulmate.

If it’s a seven hour flight or a forty five minute drive…

Alex is thrilled to be going away from Wonderland; they had never left their homeland, and was interested in what school would be like. Most of all, they were excited to meet the girl in the mirror, who had made Alex feel like they had a home for the first time in their life. 


+ Adventurous, Curious, Thoughtful

- Narcissistic, Troublemaker, Fickle

The Nova Bloodline: Labyrinth of Oblivion - Review

Alright, I have just now finished the game, invested around 5 hours into it and boy, it was a journey full of Blood and Tears. Mainly, because I spend quite a bit of Phoenixblood and MaxTears in the end.


It is a shorter game of course, but it does have a decent story for its length and genre.The characters are fully developed and their archetypes well used in synergy to one another. The world of Gewalia has three races and every character is of one of these. In addition, while I say archetypes, they are never limited to that, as in the cutscenes you are shown glimpses of their own backstories and motivations, which go deeper than that. Of course, since this game is a prologue, it does lead towards a bigger project, in which I will have a bit more of a hand on myself. So, it is not an ending, which just stands there as a “and they lived happily ever after”.


TNB:LoO is a dungeon crawler and JRPG. The dungeon, of Core in this case, is where you will explore the game in, and fight monsters, find chests, and eventually defeat the final boss. The Core is divided in zones, all with their own monsters and elemental preferences.

The battle system is more familiar to a JRPG fan. It is a regular turn based system, where you take actions every turn. It is quite simple really, you pick actions for everyone, and they do it once their turn is.

Now, where it differs from most JRPG is the way leveling works. You do gain Souls whenever you kill monsters, and those souls are used in the Soul Grid to level up and get new skills. While this sounds easy, you do have to keep in mind that only HP and TP are increased when leveling up a character. All other stats are set from the start, which can take a bit to get used to. It does work however, though can lead to regular enemies in later areas to take a bit longer to defeat as their HP and TP (not their other stats though) also increase. However, you can change stats with professions and later an NPC:

A big neglectable part in almost all JRPGs are status ailments. Like, seriously, I never even use status ailments in a Final Fantasy game, because I can either one-shot an enemy anyway, or it is immune to most status ailments. Especially with bosses, this is something that will make such skills worthless for you. Not so in this game, oh no, here Status Ailments are going to be much more useful. Primarily Zasha’s Giftmischer or Alphonse’s Medic Profession will be giving you a lot of fun, as you can make your enemies sleep, poisoned, confused, stunned, and all that good stuff. Of course, enemies will have certain resistances, so you need to find out what works best in every situation, but a big plus point is how useful these skills are in this game. However, this works the other way around, too. Enemies, especially if they have a multi-target skill that inflicts ailments, can really be a hazard.

Now, in terms of difficulty, you do have to keep in mind that for the most part you will not one-shot enemies so easily, since the stats are fixed. Abilities, especially if exploiting a weakness, can still alow fast battles however. Later on however, when enemies are getting more HP; be prepared to spend TP more leisurely.
The bosses are of a similar nature, as they will be difficult, unless you have ways to exploit their weaknesses. In case of one boss, you can even cheese your way to victory by never letting it attack at all, if you know how. However, do never underestimate any boss, as even if you maxed out they can prove capable to ruin your day. Like, seriously, beware the skill Freezesleep and the likes.

Now, depending on your capabilities to work with your ressources and fighting enemies, the game can be challenging or pretty managable.


Naturally, the game is held in a style of classic games, meaning the biggest purpose of the graphics is to create a world that can be comprehended. Of course, with the graphics being custom made rather than stock, as well as a fair usage of effects, the game does look quite pretty. It is of course a simpler game, hence you can only judge graphics to some degree, but they are doing their job quite well.


Overall, a good introduction into the world, which will be explored in much greater detail in the future. On its own it does also provide a good portion of fun with its leveling system and characters. It is a short game, but one with a lot of heart in it.

The Night Before || HUNTBASTIAN

The days that followed New Year’s Day went by like whirlwind, somewhere between classes and wedding preparations, the latter something he did very little of. He was just expected to be there. The one thing he always looked forward sth emost was when he got to practice at the campus gym, and at the pool, his body gliding through the water with ease while he relaxed his body with slow, long breaths that made his head a little more clear. It was the one place where he got to be himself, even if he had to make people believe that was happy with what was going on in his life, by that meaning his classmates, who constantly teased him about it.

But the one person who knew the real him, the one person who knew exactly what his heart felt, even if he said otherwise, the one person he looked at discretely while swimming classes, that was Sebastian. The one person he had sworn himself he would protect, even if that meant to give him up for life. And during swimming practice it was practically the only time when he got to see him from afar. On that particulat day, and with only three days before his wedding, he grabbed his bag from hi slocker after swimming practice ended, when he saw a paper falling on the floor. That was odd. But upon looking at the handwritting he knew immediately who it was from. 

Trembling fingers wriggled the envelope while trying to open it, then his eyes went wide when he read the note inside. There was no way he couldn’t not go to the hotel, everyone knew he would be there, and not showing up to his own room would be even more suspiscious. Sebastian knew. Hunter was so mad at Rachel at that point. Who was she to jeopardize the whole thing like that? He would certainly have a word with her later. He looked at the note one more time, then tore it apart so there would be no evidence of it, then sighed and grabbed his things so that he could take a shower and get out of there.

The following day he checked into the hotel and got to his room, his feet pacing across the room as he tried to decide what to do. Whatever rhyme or reason he had, it was what it later took his steps to the room 103; he took a deep breath, and several times he thought about leaving. He ran his fingers through his hair and knocked on the door.