gifs: the avengers


Guys i have this headcanon where in the avengers tower they have the douchebag jar

And it’s always full of money, and obviously mostly tony’s, but there are a few of the other’s

like one time clint keeps himself to himself and he’s all crumpy, and the avengers wonder why and natasha just shoots ‘i have my period, so he’s not getting any tonight’ and they just hear bruce in the other room shouting ‘what the hell, natasha! jar!’

and when steve receives a package and utters ‘oh sweet jesus, bucky, it finally came’ and takes out a complicate-looking bondage set and everyone in room turns to look at him and sam mutters ‘man, you know i love ya. but go put 20 fucking dollars in the jar

lets not talk about thor’s bare ass runways and tony’s high pitched screams ‘IF I CANNOT DO IT, YOU CAN’T. YOU,15$,JAR,NOW, GOLDEN RETRIEVER’