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Richard Ramirez Laughing In Court.

(New rare footage from “Monster In My Family” S02E02 The Nightstalker - Richard Ramirez 10-01-2017)

“The fog, the long black cape, had a power, a threatening connotation that I wanted to make my own. Those things excite me. They always have. I was just born that way. ”

- Richard Ramirez, on Dark Shadows, a soap-opera series about a vampire.

(From “The Night Stalker” by Philip Carlo)


My mom has no computer or Internet access to tempt me into the night. All that’s left for me is just ordinary analog sleep, ending the day’s loop.
You might not think it’s a way to live, but why not? Repeating the same tasks each day without even having to think about them, isn’t that what everybody does? […] Isn’t that where it’s comfortable? In the sameness?

“At one point, Richard Ramirez said he’d wear sunglasses in court to take naps without Judge Tynan, or the rest of the court knowing.”