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the best series you will ever read

hey booklr!

i wanted to rec you guys a series that i love. it’s my all time favorite including harry potter and percy jackson (both of which i absolutely adore).

if you’re a fan of percy jackson or vampire academy you’ll absolutely love this series because i think of it as a mix between the two.

the story follows alexandria andros, alex as she likes to be called, a half-blood in a society where being one is considered being lesser. the society is made up of “hematoi” (pure-bloods) who are the descendants of the original greek demigods (perseus, hector, heracles, jason, etc).

a pure and a pure make a baby pure and each pure has control over one element (air, fire, water, earth). a pure and a mortal make a half-blood. in this society halfs have two options: hunt daimons (pronounced like demons) and probably die or be drugged and indentured in a pure’s house. and absolutely, under no circumstances are the two races allowed to date each other.

when the first book starts, alex had been living with her mom (a pure) in the mortal world for three years and she’s now fighting her way through daimons trying to get back to the covenant (the society/boarding school she came from) after one killed her mom.

this is a FANTASTIC series. the writing is amazing and like i said before it’s my favorite series ever.

more pros if you’re not convinced:

• no love triangle
• fleshed out mythology and plot
• great message with underlying race issues
• phenomenally genuine characters
• if you’re a fan of pjo, alex is definitely like the female version of percy
• if you’re a fan of va, alex and rose are very similar (starting with how badass they both are)
• slow burn love story
• AMAZING fight scenes
• badass female characters that aren’t overshadowed by their male counterparts
• a canon lgbt couple
• an interracial couple
• there are five books, two novellas, and the author is currently three books into a spin off series so you’re not going to run out of content for awhile

i really love these books and i want everyone else to enjoy them as well!

He was as grey as the inhabitants of the dark village, except for his grin, which gleamed sardonically even in the swirling dusk and was somehow most familiar. He stretch out an arm and pointed behind me. I turned, saw the post and chain. ~ Lockwood & Co. The Creeping Shadow

Okay so I’m really not used to this drawing style but i tried. Maybe I’ll do more in the future, who knows.