gifs: sweeney todd

  • Prologue: just setting the Victorian patriarchal mood
  • No Place Like London: check ur privilege 
  • The Barber and His Wife: throwback thursday
  • The Worst Pies in London: in THIS economy… 
  • Poor Thing: she was asking for it
  • My Friends: some shit’s gonna go down
  • Green Finch and Linnet Bird: curse my feminist conscience
  • Ah Miss: I’ve been at sea for months and I need a wench
  • Johanna: nuclear ovaries disaster
  • Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir: Order now for only 19.99!
  • The Contest: the actor playing Pirelli needs to show off 
  • Judge’s Song: Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins
  • Wait: keep calm and carry on
  • Kiss Me: more like frisk me
  • Ladies in their Sensitivities: shut the hell up beadle
  • Pretty Women: tits & ass, yes, tits & ass
  • Epiphany: hot dad temper tantrum
  • A Little Priest: Any pun you can do I can do better
  • Good That’s Good: i’ll do anything for money
  • Johanna Quartet: SO DRAMATIC
  • By the Sea: this could be us but you playin’
  • City on Fire: zombie apocalypse
  • Wigmaker Sequence: you men and your inability to differentiate between hair colors
  • Not While I’m Around: mrs. Lovett, textbook sociopath
  • Final Sequence: eat your heart out, Hamlet
  • Finale: we’re murderers; you’re murderers. Have a nice day!

“ I never really analyze that too much. I think there’s a connection with people, and it’s not an intellectual decision. We have shared similar tastes in things, in movies and certain weird, lower suburbia upbringings. I don’t know, exactly, but I think that there’s kind of a connection in many different ways" — Tim Burton about his relationship with Johnny Depp