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1x01 // 6x16 - “are you insane? you do that, it won’t be “a little time off”. you’ll get disbarred.”

Unusual Interview

A/N: Not to sure about this one. But I needed to write something to get rid of this block i’m having. 

Harvey wasn’t sure how many of these pathetic interviews he had done. But he wanted them to be over. None of these kids, had what it took. He knew he was supposed to hire someone but none had even an ounce of potential. He had hoped that having Donna give him signals would make the process go faster, maybe if he did all the interviews and still didn’t find anyone Jessica would let him get away without hiring a new associate.

So far it wasn’t really working.

He had just finished one and was move about the room, trying to not let his annoyance build enough to show on his face, he was to the point he was cursing Jessica under his breath and thinking of creative ways to get her back.

He sighed.

He could hear Donna picking on someone, and smiled at least she was enjoying this. He looked over at her and she winked, whatever had been said between her and the man most have been impressive.

Hopeful, he headed for his desk to make it look like he had been doing something more important than stalling between interviews.

He heard footsteps behind him so he tuned to greet the young man. His first impression was attractive but young. He learned early on in life that the young ones tended to be clingy and he didn’t have the patience’s or time for that.

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Colin Kaepernick gives away his own suits outside of a New York City parole office

  • Colin Kaepernick donated some of his old custom-made suits this weekend to a New York City charity that helps formerly incarcerated individuals return to the workforce.
  • According to the the Instagram account for 100 Suits for 100 Men, Kaepernick dropped his donation off at the Queens borough parole office on Sunday. The organization has a boutique inside of the New York City Department of Corrections Community Supervision Unit.
  • “That’s love!!!!” 100 Suits CEO and president Kevin Livingston wrote on Instagram. “When you have Superbowl quarterback Colin Kaepernick and Hot 97 host Nessa personally drop off over two huge [U-Haul] boxes of custom made suits at our office.” Read more (5/2/17)

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Clubs / Wands: The spirit. Personality, identity, individuality, originality, essence. Force, initiation, strength, creativity, gain through effort. The soul’s vitality and uniqueness. Free will. Drive, determination. Inspiration, ambition.

Diamonds / Pentacles: Material realm, wealth & possessions, the physical body. Status. Security & stability of all types. Prosperity. Manifestation, effort, processes, rhythm, continuation. Creation & maintenance of a personal world.

Spades / Swords: The mind, intellect, cerebral realm. Thoughts, beliefs, logic, morality, justice, judgment, opinion. Power. Reality. Strife & suffering or influence & strength and the fragile balance between those two extremes.

Hearts / Cups: The heart. Emotions, interpersonal receptivity, love, relationships, intimacy, commitment, connection, shared resources, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, memory, feeling-based experiences.

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