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“Happy Birthday Emma. Make a wish!”

“I made a wish on my 28th birthday that I didn’t have to be alone and it came true in a better way than I thought possible. I have a perfect family in you and Henry and there’s nothing more I could ever wish for except for us to be this happy forever”

SQ first volume postscript translation

Translation of Old xian’s first art book postscript here

After reading Tan Jiu’s postscript I thought it was very meaningful, so I’m posting a translation here. If you want to learn more about Tan Jiu it does offer some insight. Translation below:

I remember in 2012, the me then was preparing for the first serialisation in my life, that was a long period of time (of my life). Before serialisation I had to accumulate manuscripts for the series and draw some illustrations. When resting I drew some casual drawings on some paper, it was just doodling of the fragments and images in my head, they were not something that were particularly formed, just like how some people will randomly draw some rough drafts of manhua on their paper and whatnot. It was completely not for expressing yourself or for others to see, it did not have much of a practical purpose, it was just something for me to look at to feel satisfied. On that paper two girls appeared, in all those manuscripts there was one that I drew into a chapter and posted it online, that was probably the start of everything.

At that time I did think for a while I will continue to draw that when I have time, who knew work for serialisation was extremely busy, I did not have the energy at all to draw anything else, so it was put aside. Who knew in a flash two years went by. 

However the life of serialisation was not as simple as I thought; from the moment I gave up going to university after graduating high school thinking to bet everything on manhua, to having small success and receiving various awards and recognition, then to beginning serialisation - until one day I ended up in a very deep swamp* (figurative), I keep on drawing alone, drawing and drawing until one day my motivation was gone. For a period of time I started to think I could not understand why I’m continuing on with this, and I also could not understand what the purpose of continuing to draw manhua is and even what the purpose of living is. 

At the point when I was almost sinking, there was a person who pulled me up, and that person was Moss. He said don’t give up, you already gambled so much on this, do you really want to live a boring life where you can see death on the horizon, I’ll bring you to see a better sight.

In 2014 I joined Mosspaca and met my teammate Old xian, and also started drawing the story for SQ, I hoped to create a character who can bring others motivation, and the hope to keep living on. Actually I frequently think about these things, what kind of meaning do I want to include my work. After pondering and agonising, ultimately this pondering led back to a simple starting point. If my work is able to bring people happiness, then it has meaning. Without explicitly adding some sort of meaning to be expressed in my work, as long as the reader smiles after reading it, then this strength and energy has been conveyed.

In the manhua the tangled doubts and changes you see on Sun Jing, it is because personally my views and knowledge of many things are uncertain and changing. Sometimes I face some choices, should I go in this direction, or should I go in that direction, it is very hard to make a decision. Whether it’s me or the characters in my work we all need to make a choice. 

I have thrown my life into my manhua, there isn’t much time to rest, or to go outside to play. The days pass by one by one, my work is my companion in my life, the lives of the characters in the manhua replace my own life, and then the footprints of this life is printed in the books. 

Thank you for accompanying me along my journey, for liking my manhua, for believing that I can produce good works. This is only the beginning, don’t be anxious, we will still be walking together for a very long time. 

Tan Jiu

September 2015

anonymous asked:

hi :) can i please request a cap where emma and regina are facing each other , kinda close together? or maybe even one where theyre both in the shot but it's obvious that it's them ? :)

here you go! and for more, check out !

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in season 5 episode 8 of once upon a time when regina mills says "to be honest you're too good for hook" why does emma stare at regina in distraught as if she's waiting for regina to continue on in this line of thought and profess her love for emma

Maybe it’s too late at night and I’m over thinking things but has it ever crossed anyone’s mind that Regina and Emma were just…more? And this is giving no “deeper meaning” credit to the writers but of all the saving and believing and refusing to give up and refusing to live without and determined to get back, I can’t help but wonder if in some way this relationship was just more.

More than friends. 

More than lovers. 

Regina Mills and Emma Swan thrive and survive and fight for each other, with each other. Couldn’t really live without each other (and their son).

So, they’re not true loves (Debatable, most definitely) but they do love each other more than what A&E were capable of mentally grasping and creating on screen intentionally. And that love is curious. 

Emma doesn’t have a soulmate that was ever mentioned that I remember (nor does she have a confirmed true love. Just saying.) Regina’s soulmate situation was honestly very questionable. 

And I wonder what if, not to discredit OTP SQ because I still ship it and will forever without a doubt, their relationship was just more than the bounds of friendship and romance could comprehend. It transcends attraction…and subtext. 

Emma and Regina, Regina and Emma. Dark and Light, Light and Dark. 

Two pieces that cannot fully exist without the other.

They were soulmates. They are soulmates.