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The Spongebob Musical performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was so good y'all! ^^

Why do y’all feel the need to hate Spongebob the musical so much,, like?? have y’all actually listened to it? It’s really cute and it reminds me so much of my childhood. The songs are amazing, the set and costumes are A+++, the cast is so so so good. At least give it a chance before tearing it down, it deserves that much. Whether you like the idea of the show or not- the cast, crew, writers, everyone put their heart and soul into that show. Please don’t be so negative towards the show and its fans, or even the cast. What’s the point of that? It’s just nasty and rude…


Me telling people about the SpongeBob Musical

brianraynorris: Photo representations of what I wanted my acting to look like tonight to what I suspect it actually looked like tonight…… “mistakes were made” It’s all a work in progress😜 #spongebobbway #mrkrabs #selfdeprecationistoteshealthyright?