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SMASH is happening IRL and here's why

1. BOMBSHELL is being made into a real musical.
2. My Fair Lady is coming back to Broadway, which was the show that Derek Wills was going to direct before he switched to directing BOMBSHELL.
3. Andy Mientus is writing a musical (Burn All Night) that’s debuting at the American Repertory Theatre this August.

In conclusion, we need to keep Andy safe. Reblog to save Andy.


Happy 33rd Birthday Jeremy Michael Jordan! (November 20th,1984)

If you feel lost or stuck don’t be afraid to look back to your dreams as a kid for inspiration because there might be something there waiting for you to rediscover something that could change your life forever. When I was a kid, I wanted to be just like Jack Kelly. I didn’t realize it, but these tiny seeds of a dreamer and a charming, outgoing leader were planted back then. And as I grew up, they kind of remained dormant because when I grew up I was more of a realist. I was shy, I wasn’t outgoing, and I was a loner. I wasn’t a leader. And then I got cast as Jack Kelly. And as I began to play the role, the seeds that were planted began to slowly grow. And as I played Jack more and more, Jeremy began to change more and more.