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Character Podcast Spotlight: Rich Hardbeck pt. 3


  • The first full fledge man of skins? 
  • Rachel mixes for us. 
  • Megan didn’t kill anyone 
  • Rich was never a child. 
  • Rich could OWN adulthood. 
  • Never going to be a people person 
  • For Rich it seems more natural vs. nurture in terms of how he acts. 
  • Shrivelled-wank-claw: How do you think Rich would react to the baby being named after Grace?

Poppy Champion || About 36 or 37 years old || FC: Holly Earl || Sexuality: Up to Roleplayer || Parent of: Sophia Creevey || Career: Up to Roleplayer || OPEN

D'you wanna monkey fuck?

Poppy could never get Alo out of her mind. That’s why she was delighted that despite having a baby with his “Wendy,” Alo went back to her. Being a naive 15 year old who thought unprotected sex was ok, Poppy was ecstatic to find out that she was pregnant with Alo’s baby. She had to learn the hard way that having a baby with someone didn’t mean they’d fall in love with you. In fact, Alo seemed to drift back to Mini. Sophia, their daughter, also seems to prefer the company of Alo, Mini, and Chloe. She wishes that Mini was her mother instead, made especially clear by Sophia recently dying her hair blonde to match her half-sister. Can Poppy ever win against Mini or will the blonde continue to take everything away from her?

Possible ships:

  • Palo
  • Any other ship
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