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How’s Your Throat? (M)

Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: I started this months ago for a request but then things went left and I couldn’t write for a good month or so.  Mianhae to whoever requested this story.  I tried, yet failed.

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

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It would honestly be nice to read some AOMG Fan fiction that wasn't just I understand Jay Park makes music about sex but damn...can a girl get some fucking fluff....same for Simon...that man is adorable af...i'd like some fluffy ass shit bro...

-Spoken from my heart

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Y'all worried about Yoongi who hasn’t posted since like March… Simon D hasn’t posted since FREAKING OCTOBER OF 2016……um….so I don’t wanna hear it😂😂

Opposites Attract

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“How is the most beautiful girl in all the world?” Kiseok smirked knowing you would overreact for the simplest things.

You blushed hearing the compliment. It wasn’t the first time he had told you this but it never failed to get a reaction out of you. “Who are you talking to” you covered your cheeks with your hands trying to avoid him.

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