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Number 8 with Taemin please xx

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Lee Taemin: “Can we just cuddle and pretend this didn’t happen?”

After an amazing comeback and a good album release, there was something that Taemin loved doing and that something was having the biggest dinner he could with his loved ones, including his group members and his girlfriend. However, at that point of the night after he had gotten back home, he thinks that eating those big amounts of food was the worst idea he had thus far. Taemin brushes his teeth before walking towards the bed, plopping down over the cushions only to hear a small groan and when he opens his eyes, he notices that he had one of his longish legs sprawled over her body, his face pressed against his pillow and his other arm is over her waist, closing his eyes once again as he hears her speak.

“How are you feeling?” Taemin turns to rest on his back and she rubs small circles over his tummy, hearing him whine softly about the stomachache he had. At that moment, all the food he had eaten went through his head and he felt sickened just by it. Her lips press to his jaw before Taemin opens one of his eyes groggily, his throat too burnt to even make out the sweet sound of his voice.

“I could be worse, but this is damn near to my definition of worse.” She chuckles lightly as Taemin interlocks his legs with hers, tangling himself in limbs only to feel comforted. He loved being pampered when he was sick, after all. Her fingers comb back his soft black hair and he lets out another whine. “I feel so bad…”

“Kibum told you not to eat so much.” She adds in between a chuckle before nuzzling his nose, only to see the tight lipped smile over his features. Taemin remembers Kibum scolding him after having his second meal and going for another one and he really should’ve listened. “My poor little baby is sick.” The tone of her voice has a blush covering his features as she presses a sweet kiss to his cheek. Taemin was a sucker for how sweet she was with him, even when sometimes he could be a little bit cold when he was stressed out. “You always have to listen to your mom.”

“Kibum is not my mom.” He tells her as he opens his eyes and when she continues running her fingers through his hair, he sees the look over her features that spoke wonders. “Not always, at least.

She chuckles softly and Taemin falls a little bit more in love when he hears the tone of her voice. He had always dreamt about love, but he never thought it was going to be this warm, this beautiful. “I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” Taemin nods his head slowly before hiding his face in the crook of her neck, taking in her scent that had mixed with his in some way or another. God, he pleas inside his head, never let me forget how warm she is…

Taemin whines once again. “Can we just cuddle and pretend this didn’t happen?” He looks up at her with innocent eyes and honestly, she knows he’s far from being innocent, but she fell for it. A soft sigh escapes her lips and before she knew it, she was nodding her head. Taemin wasn’t the proud type, but she knew than when they were in an argument or he did something ridiculous, he preferred to forget and move forward. He smiles so warmly as he feels her arms wrapping around his body as he falls into the comfortable place inside her arms. “You’re treating me like a kid right now.”

You love it.

I never say I didn’t.” Taemin jokes before looking up at her, pecking her lips in sweet sleepiness and pain. Another whine escapes the plumpness of his lips before he closed his eyes. “Thank you so much, babe.”

“I deserve at least three songs about me and a lot of kisses, you know?” The joking manner in her voice has him laughing as he nods his head softly, too lost in the comfort of her arms. “Your next album is going to have my name.”

“I’m not sure the company will like that.”

“There’s always something in between.” Her hands pat his hair softly before she licked her bottom lip. “I love you.”

“And I love you too, babe.”