gifs: secret diary of a call girl


In season four, Belle’s hair and makeup becomes gaudier and gaudier, as Belle delves deeper into her world.  Hannah and Belle become impossible to differentiate between, and Hannah is unable to keep her alter egos separate anymore.  With Hannah virtually gone, the series culminates in Belle looking outwards to her future, her hair and makeup destroyed.

Lily James | Poppy | Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Under the cut there are 72 gifs of Lily James as Poppy in Secret Diary of a Call. Please can you like or reblog this post if you are using any of these gifs. Also,can you not take any of these gifs and put them into your own gif sets or gif hunts without my permission. These are only for roleplaying. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into this. Thank you.

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