gifs: secret diary of a call girl

“We all fantasise to escape our ordinary lives. And in my line of work, I am the fantasy. Every encounter lingers like a ghost, following me all the way home. It keeps me company. Someone to share the secret of who I am, and what I’ve just done.”


Some choices we make for ourselves in life. And some we make for other people. Not because we don’t love them, but because we do. The only way we know it’s right is if it lets us stay true to ourselves. But we can’t regret our choices. The past is behind us. All we have is the present. And the future. Whatever that may bring.

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In season four, Belle’s hair and makeup becomes gaudier and gaudier, as Belle delves deeper into her world.  Hannah and Belle become impossible to differentiate between, and Hannah is unable to keep her alter egos separate anymore.  With Hannah virtually gone, the series culminates in Belle looking outwards to her future, her hair and makeup destroyed.