gifs: scotland pa


Why is it that NOBODY seems to have seen this amazing movie?? 

  • MacBeth
  • Set in the 1970’s
  • involves the invention of the drive-thru restaurant 
  • Christopher Walken plays McDuff, who is a vegetarian
  • mother fucking hilarity ensues 

Mac’s first encounter with the hippies, or witches, in Scotland, PA. Morrissette cleverly creates a parallel between the stoner hippies and the witches, not an easy thing to do because usually even if stoners think they are magic, others see through them easily. Maybe not so in the 70s!

Pookie really likes Maura Tierney.  It causes him a lot of internal conflict whenever I ask him if Maura or Katee Sackhoff is cooler.  His normal response is to get red in the face and run off.  To satiate his Tierney addiction, we sometimes take Thursday to watch some of her movies.  Most of the time it devolves into watching this scene in Scotland, PA over and over.  

This is a poster I did for the movie “Scotland, Pa.”. The movie is a modern day take on Shakespeare’s Macbeth taking place in a fast food restaurant. This was another poster I decided to illustrate entirely. Everything except for the cast’s names at the very bottom is hand drawn by me. I decided to go with the theme of a wedding cake to represent the idea of marriage. I did however, change the actual cake to cheeseburgers. Soggy, sloppy, cheeseburgers. lol I did this to represent where the story takes place and also to communicate to the viewer that this is no ordinary story or marriage. For the cake toppers I chose to dress the bride and groom in old English attire as a throwback to Shakespearean times. I am overall please with how this piece turned out. However, I do plan to go back into it and clean it up a bit and possibly do something different with the type at the very bottom.

My Shakespeare class watched Scotland, PA yesterday. It’s a modern adaptation of Macbeth where they are these small town losers working in a burger joint. I swear it is the best thing ever. My whole class was rolling around with laughter. We’re Shakespeare nerds but I promise this is a brilliant film. If you like black comedy or anything by the Coen brothers you will love this. It’s very Fargo. And the soundtrack is the fucking bomb,

Watch it and thank me later.